The skinny goose at Christmas

Christmas is coming…


and as ever there is one goose that doesn´t get fat in my humble world. My “other life”, as I am growing to think of my Tanzanian experience is as raw and fresh in my heart today as it was the day I arrived in 2013 and the day I left in 2017. And Geese rarely grow fat in Tanzania.



I made a commitment when I left, well actually I made many, but the one that I consistently seek out help for is Fredi and his Mama.

“One day Baba (Daddy) threatened to kill Mama and said he doesn’t care if she leaves him. This pains Mama so much but she cannot leave while Fredi still needs her support after school every day.”

It started as I was invited with my co-volunteer friend Laura to attend Fredi´s confirmation. We sat as guests of honour and watched a drama unfold. A drama where Fredi´s Mama worked and slaved to give her son a day to be proud of.  A day that ended in the middle of the night when Fredi´s father stormed into the room where the women and children slept with a machete in his hand and alcohol in his belly and threw them all out to sleep in the gutter of the dusty road.

And so I asked Fredi´s older sister to share the tale of her Mama with me (see some of her words above and below).


Mama Fredi has now successfully moved away from her abusive husband thanks to OUR ability to place Fredi into a safe schooling environment. She lives a happier life in a single room from where she goes to her work as a street vendor of foods rejoicing in that her earnings now remain her own and her husband cannot demand them from her to fritter on beer and alcohol.

Through the love and generosity of those around me, Fredi has now completed his first two years of secondary school education. This he has done within the safe haven of a private boarding school where he can complete his studies and do his homework in peace and away from the trauma of watching his beloved Mama being bullied and abused by an alcoholic father. Now I must seek further support for I have started on a path that MUST be followed, at least, to the end conclusion of his sitting his O-Levels at the end of Year Four.

A Proud Mama as Fredi is accepted into the school by his First Year Form Tutor

Christmas is coming…

Remember the words of Sister Sarah that started all of this:

“One day Baba (Daddy) threatened to kill Mama and said he doesn’t care if she leaves him.”

€750 (2,000,000 TZS) will secure a third year´s education at Northern Highland Boarding School Moshi Tanzania. Fees are due by the start of 2019 January term. The cost of a box of crackers, Christmas cards, a bottle of Christmas cheer,  whatever you can afford really will make the world of difference.
Help Fredi Stay In School
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