5 Years Flying Life Solo

Five years and three days have come and gone…

There are so many motivational messages out there warning about not living in the past. Letting go of the past and I get it, I really do.


But I want to start a campaign that promotes a healthy remembrance of the past.

For me, I live in the present and to be frank I don’t pay enough attention to the future. But the past?

Well the past is the stack of mattresses waiting on the sidewalk for me when the present throws me over the edge of the 50 storey building that is the now. I tumble and fall and stutter and somersault but then there is that plop as I land on the welcoming and enveloping soft, comfortable and comforting cushion of the past. I sink further and further in within the arms of memories and I receive succour just like a baby on his mother’s breast and then whoosh! The cushions release me and spring me upwards with a smile and a laugh and I land on my feet ready to face the now.

shaunMy past is my safe haven.

My past is where the people who know me best are always waiting, smiling and arms open.

My past is where I had my finest hour, it started the chain of events that led from a tiny bundle of one to a joyous father of three and young man running his own business.

I won’t live in the past.But no way will I let go of it.

My past contains too much love and happiness and it helps me put the present in perspective and step forward with knowledge and experience under my belt.

My past is my armour to carry me through the next half a decade. It has shielded me well for the last half so why I would I take it off now?