It is New Years Eve and I am full of resolve, after a quiet but lovely Christmas spent with my wonderful friends Anita and Diego, I am ready to fulfill a new years resolution for the first time in my life. After 50 plus years on this earth dreaming silently about my series of bestselling fantasy books, I am resolved to do something about it.

I hit the google search bar with anticipation and am quickly overwhelmed by the number of creative writing courses. The Writers Bureau was the first one I looked at and after a quick review of a couple more I went back to it. I absolutely refused to allow my usual “strive for perfection before doing anything” trait stop me. Part of my resolution is to be impulsive and follow my nose.

Times are hard, so finance is an issue. When I find the 6 month payment terms I know that fate is calling me, the universe is conspiring to enable my success – more on this later.

Having signed up I am like a kid in a virtual sweetshop, tasting and trying everything I now have access to on the web. I am excited and very positive.

The first things that caught my attention were, assignment 1 (attend an event and write a descriptive piece) and Chapter and Verse. With regard to the event attendance I immediately settled on the 3 Kings Parade on Jan 6th (sorry I forgot to mention that I live in sunny Spain!) and called my good friend Anita to arrange to go attend together in the name of literary excellence, and of course mutual enjoyment! Chapter and Verse filled me with instant inspiration, I had until the 14th January to write a piece entitled I have to have, with the writer being some sort of celebrity justifying their strange dressing room demands.

Pomegranates, my mind immediately shouted, I must have pomegranates in my room.

And so it was that within 10 days of signing up I wrote my first ever pieces, taking careful note of Modules 1 to 3’s advice and loving every minute. Once submitted, my stomach lurched into a turmoil of nerves and I read with trepidation of how some students seemed to complain of lenghty responses to assignments. I would die if it took too long, I already knew I had to wait until March to find out about Pomegranates.

Now that I am further into the course and reading all sorts of tips re my first novel I know to finish each chapter on a cliffhanger, so sorry fellow students, friends and bloggers but thats it for today.


I need to know your thoughts, tell me here, please

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