I was so lucky in my allocation of a tutor, she has been great and all my assignments come back in a week to 10 days max. So I didn’t have too long to live with the positive kaleidoscope of butterflies in my stomach!

Just googled the collective noun for butterflies and loved this one!

I felt like a schoolgirl all over again as I opened my e-mail from my tutor. The trepidation was incredible! Her kind comments and encouragement were such a tremendous boost, phrases like “presentation excellent” filled me real confidence that I could do this. also she picked out one particular phrase that I had sweated over for hours and  described it is as ” a rich description”.

That was it, I was off, finally I could be a great writer I just knew. My head was pounding with story lines and ideas – there was no stopping me.

I surged into the next assignment, studying and desperately trying to research magazines and ideas for articles.

This was where I met the brick wall. I have never read magazines, only ever books. The price of the magazines that are available here in Spain was disprportionate to the exchange rate and that was an issue as I am not yet a wealthy writer! I was flummoxed.

I came up with an idea for a wedding magazine article but that was as far as I got. I kept longing for the opportunity to write stories.

After my account of the 3 Kings Parade I had sent my assignment to my good friend Anita who had accompanied me in the name of research. her kind comments did include the slightly bemused ” I am not sure if we attended the same procession though as your account seems much more exciting and colourful than the one we attended!”

I had acknowledged that my factual assignment had contained mostly fiction re the characters I described etc.

Bearing this in mind I contacted my tutor and poured out my heart!

With ease and encouragement she advised me to switch to fiction and come back to the article writing at a later stage.

I now acknowledge this as sound advice as I now feel I could much better attack the article writing and the fiction work so far has exposed me to magazines and I am now an avid mag reader!

So by mid Feb I was back on track and raring to go. Bring on the story ideas!

Gotta go, the sun is beckoning and I must have my daily dose of vitamin D or I will lapse into a creative stupour, or thats my excuse anyway.

watch this space for the next installment!


6 thoughts on “N1 tutor comments and then STUCK

    1. Hi
      hope I am doing this properly! Thanks for your kind words, to be frank I feel a bit foolish with this blog, some of the others I’ve seen are so professional but then this is what I want to write about so what the heck! I have just completed F4.

      How did you do with F2 did you get to have anything approved for publication? I have put forward 2 stories and neither were strong enough to send off. I was a bit disheartened but have decided to focus on competitions where I can write to my own style and not be dictated by reader and publisher guidelines.

      Look forward to hearing from you and good luck. I loved Angela and the restaurant exercise once I got stuck in!


  1. Gill, This piece was both interesting and amusing and for a new blogger it is a great start. I started the course nearly two years ago but was smitten down with cancer so had to abandon it. I recently found that I could restart it so I have.

    Unlike you I have a long way to go but I am optimistic that in the end I will be able to write fiction as well as blogs.

    Keep at it … and don’t get too much of that sun stuff!!


    1. Such kind words and from someone whose blog is awesome!

      I may be speaking out of turn but I find my writing is a great therapy and use it to escape from problems. I trust that you are “unsmitten” and carry on writing. Check out the Miracle Man’s story featured in The Secret if you can find it.

      It’s even too hot for me today, I live in land and it is easily 45degrees in my garden!


  2. I also feel a bit foolish when I write on my blog but in the years to come when I am a professional writer (I can dream) I can look back and see how I started out. Have you seen http://www.writedirection.org.uk ? That is a fantastic blog. Also there are a lot of posts about competitions. I am trying out a few-maybe you should do the same if that is the kind of writing you enjoy?

    I did not get F2-the first assignment I was sent after switching to fiction was F3. I am very confused. Perhaps they changed the assignments by time I switched? I am not sure.

    I am hoping that in the next week I will realy get my teeth stuck into F3 as I really want to send it off!



    1. Kelly you are voicing my exact thoughts! Go get stuck in with Angela, I visualised my friends daughter in this situation and from there it came a lot easier. Give it a go and thanks.


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