Before I set down a quick summary of my studies to date I feel I must make an important announcement to all bloggers out there, JULIE, JULIA is a must see DVD. I am probably way behind the times, as usual, and most of you will have seen it but for anyone new to this whole blogging arena this is a serious must see. I love it. I will not spoil the plot with an in-depth description, it is based on one woman’s blog which tells of the daily trials and tribulations in trying to achieve her personal goal in her spare time. Go get the DVD for more info!

Although I have no intention of rising at 6.30am to write my blog each day, the underlying concept is what I set out to achieve here. My personal goal is to be a writer. I realise now I need to define my goals better and be more specific. Also, I cannot believe it has taken a film to slap me round the proverbial chops and shout the word target at me. I have set no time lines or targets.

I just hope no one from the”professional me’s “ world ever reads this as I will be a laughing-stock. I am, by day, a salesperson. I will say no more on the subject except to remind you all of the old saying or proverb, something about bakers not being able bake bread and all that!

I will reassess my goals and apply sensible time targets, more news on that as it develops!



    1. Hi Clair I have only just seen your comment it went in spam!! Meryl Streep was in the film and played the part superbly. I saw it on sky so can’t help re where to get a copy but keep looking its worth it!


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