Today is a momentous day.

Did you wake this morning and notice a slight shift in the universe? Did you perhaps sense a tremor in the earth’s movement?

You did, well that was me moving closer to my now more defined goal of becoming a full time writer. Today I mailed my first ever short story submission for publication! 

I did say it was a momentous day!

Having completed 4 assignments with WB, I have taken stock. To date my inventory looks like this:


  • 1 short story published in Chapter and Verse (I Must Have edition, second entry credited to Vincent de Serra and entitled Pomegranates)
  •   2 short stories submitted to my tutor for comments re the publication in womags
  •  Lots of encouraging words, constructive comments but no recommendation for submission
  • 1 short story submitted for private review to the WB team returned with “on the right tracks comments, edit and send off” (this story being the cause of the shift in the earth’s axis today)
  •   4 womag short stories   1 mini auto biography (see The Secret Story in the main menu bar)
  • 1 fantasy / sci-fi  short story
  • 1 children’s story              
  • Chapter 1 of THE NOVEL – fantasy genre 
  • The first 3 Chapters of another undefined novella/short story/serial       1 flash fiction story
  • 1 competition entry View from a bridge                               
  • A blog

Considering I really do only have weekends to write, I shall pat myself on the back. However, I feel my second inventory is more important than the first:


  •  Never give up
  • Join the Creative writers Group on Facebook – from here I have learnt
  • I am not alone
  • It can done
  • The world of E-books and self publication on kindle
  • To be diverse, try lots of things with my writing (I am following the course instructions as if my life depends on it, I would not progress my novel until I have successfully completed the short story section IE get published – then I discovered in the group others that are doing everything at once, reader letters. Articles, stories, poetry!
  • Innumerable tips and help when stuck with how to present something or grammar etc
  • The value and enjoyment of writing a blog
  • A diverse range of other people’s blogs

So this is where I am at today. Where I will be tomorrow is another story.





I need to know your thoughts, tell me here, please

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