I feel the urge to witter, no, not twitter, witter. I have yet to venture into the unknown mysteries of the twitter world. However, a good old-fashioned witter, that I can do, and isn’t that blogs are for?

Anyone with a strong feeling on this should abandon this post now and hit the comment box below, I tried to re name it a rant box but couldn’t.

I will confess that this unstoppable need to witter could possibly stem from my reluctance to finish the work (work as in paid job work not the pleasurable work of writing) that I volunteered to do this weekend. That could be a highly relevant factor, I concede.

So, what brought on this witter?

I woke in the middle of the night (I must explain that this is a notable event in itself, I sleep the sleep of the righteous and I very rarely if ever have a bad night’s sleep) with the word RECALCITRANT buzzing around my mind. I had no idea what it meant and no idea where it came from, but clearly it must be important or why would the molecular atoms that are sometimes called spirits have awoken me? It must be for some reason other than to improve my vocabulary.

No I didn’t grab the notepad that I don’t keep by my bed, neither did I leap out of bed and turn on the computer for my on-line dictionary. I went back to sleep.

Walking the dog this morning I asked my own personal fountain of all knowledge, hubby Dennis, what recalcitrant meant, he said I should double-check but he thought it meant immovable, stubborn, a person who refuses to go back.

Not bad for before breakfast eh? Dictionary definition below:


1. resisting authority or control; not obedient or compliant; refractory.

2. hard to deal with, manage, or operate

So why am I here sharing this experience with you? Because I have no explanation for why a word should arrive at my minds door when it is firmly shut for the night and manage to do what the local dogs, the early morning pigeon club or indeed my husband’s snores can do, IE: wake me up.

 I have no story line that requires the injection of a recalcitrant person, I have no story that features such a person and I have no idea what significance this word is meant to have for me.

 I do love words though and I have a passion for new ones. I really want a widget on my blog so I can do things like word of the day but I think I will need  to pay for an all singing all dancing “theme” to do that and right now that isn’t an option. When I win the lottery, yes, but now, sorry folks no can do.

 So Gills words for this sunny Sunday:

  1.  Recalcitrant meaning as above
  2. Snollygoster – which I found in Forgotten English and is the term that used to be applied for someone who never said what he truly meant or avoided answering questions, this term was particularly relevant to politicians in days gone by!

 If anyone has any clue as to why I should have experienced this phenomenon then please contact me urgently.

What was that I heard you say?

Me, absolutely, irrefutably not, me – recalcitrant? Never.








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