Following on from my Sunday witter, I see that my ever handy writers’ thoughts and inspirations notepad (which travels everywhere with me and tends to get used a lot whilst I am in the kitchen cooking) notes my first scribbling regarding RECALCITRANT by making the following definitive statement;

                I was not dreaming – it simply woke me up

You may recall I indicated that this is a rarity for me; I really do sleep extremely well. I don’t need “my own bed”, any bed will do (any bed but not any setting, no tents or outdoors or stuff like that), either side will do, although I do always sleep on the same side purely to accommodate my more fussy husband, anywhere will do, (as long as in a comfortable, clean room).

I had a very generous boss a few years back who returned from a trip to Marrakesh announcing that from the moment he arrived to the moment he left he kept thinking, “Gill and Dennis would love it here.”

As I said he was a very generous man and he immediately had his secretary organise a long weekend for Dennis and I. He had stayed in a very posh 5 star hotel that he kindly booked us into and I was delighted, I love to travel. Fortunately for me, he checked with me before booking us onto the overnight camel trek into the desert to sleep under the stars, on the grounds that my husband had been unwell recently. Once I had established the trip into the desert and subsequent nights rest had no spa facilities it was off the agenda, never mind what Dennis thought!

Sadly that very generous man only lives on in my and many others memories but he is sorely missed and I know he would have followed my blog with amusement and a constructively critical eye.

The next inspirational comment in my trusty note pad reads:

I do dream a lot. But always when awake, as in what I will do when I win the lottery – maybe that’s why I am a writer at heart

So I bring this question to you, my wonderful audience otherwise known as my blog followers.

“Are you dreamers?”

Day dreamers, night dreamers, any kind of dreamers – is that what makes a writer?

Replies on a postcard please.



2 thoughts on “Do Dreams Make A Writer?

  1. Hiya,
    I’m not a writer (nor I have intentions or talent to be) however I could not leave this without a comment.
    I definitely used to be an all time dreamer and achieved many miracles those times. Unfortunately I lost the ability of day time dreaming as things were not going very well in last few years. But I am working very hard to be the dreamer I was and Gill, you know better than anybody that my life is full with miracles again!
    I am convinced that dreams make us good at what we are. As I said, I am not a writer but I do love listening and reading your stories and please do never stop dreaming! I am sure that the generous man would agree with me this time….
    Hugs, xxx Your Anita


    1. Mwah Mwah! Anyone reading this and thinking ‘why does she say she could not be a writer’ should know that my good friend here is Hungarian. Her command of the english language is great except for hiccups which she persists in calling hitchhilkers! Thanks for your support as always!


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