For those avid followers of this rambling, inconsistent and oft self-indulgent blog, I have no doubt that you have ear-marked the entry from 20th Aug ATTENTION ALL BLOGGERS EVERYWHERE as leaving certain issues unfulfilled.

I saluted the film JULIA JULIE and spoke of it having inspired me and made me realise how “goal less” and “target less “ I was. Indeed the film left me feeling utterly naked in the land of promises, for we all know we can achieve our dreams, (there’s that word again) or targets or goals whichever nom de plume you prefer without defining them and setting some sort of schedule (target) to them.

Yet here am I two months on and no news on the results of this inspiration. “Fake.” I hear you cry, “Just playing, not serious.” I hear another. Well, I am here to tell you, “Rubbish!”

 I have been very aware of my promises and very aware of my lack of direction, however when I stood at the crossroads of my writing career two months ago and asked myself, “OK Gill where are you going what is your ambition?” I was unusually struck dumb.

You see things have become confusing.

I started out much like the little girl in The Secret Story, (see menu tab above) except my yellow pad is replaced by a word document, the Girls Guide To Writing is replaced by the Writers Bureau Comprehensive Fiction course.

All was clear to me.

But then it got hard, I couldn’t find the magazines, I didn’t want to read them when I found them, I had no one to talk to and I was desperate.  As is documented in previous blogs my saviour was the internet and the wealth of groups and newsletters and blogs. I discovered I am not alone. However it is that very “writing career saving” discovery that has led me to this crossroads of indecision.

I want to be a writer.

It was that simple but now, I am suddenly presented with article, fact or fiction, short stories, series, novellas, novels, flash fiction, competitions, blogs, kindle and other self-publishing formats!

So you see why it has taken me some time. I felt the need to analyse all the options and select which road and my goal accordingly.

The issues can be summarised into:

  • Short stories for income via womags will lead only to an “already published” entry on my CV that will have no relevance to any novel I write as I am not an aspiring  “chick lit” author
  • Factual articles for income are tough as I always inject fantasy into my recounting of events so maybe I need to be a humour based article writer – again as above will not help impress anyone when I write my novel
  • E Books – to Kindle or not to Kindle
  • Blogs and websites – chitty chatty or written for a commercial purpose IE to promote me and my writing
  • Social networks – chatty friendly support or as above

One hell of a summary!

However the answer to all of this starts at the beginning, define clearly and succinctly your goal.

 I want to be a writer.

OK, next question.

 “Of what and how?”

My ultimate goal must be clear.

After a lot of musing and procrastination, here it is, well thought out, clear and signed in virtual blood!


I trust you will continue to join me on my journey, I can promise you this; it will be a long but successful one.


I need to know your thoughts, tell me here, please

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