With my goal so clearly defined you would be forgiven for thinking my blog and journey to be published, will now follow me along the traditional publishing route. However, that is not so.

The goal is where I want to be.

I will not use the age-old analogy of climbing a mountain with my goal at the top as I am not a mountain climbing kind of gal. I leave that to my son of whom I am extremely proud and who has indeed climbed not one but seven mountains (http://www.bergen-turlag.no/7-fjellsturen/index.php?fo_id=3924).

No, my journey is in true literary style to be a journey, across vast uncharted territories and unknown seas, fighting and overcoming obstacles and monsters such as never seen before. My journey is indeed to be a QUEST.

Like all good quests there will be plenty of conflict, jeopardy, action and tension. My travels across the vast expanse of the literary world to reach my goal will be aided by the use of several tools that can be picked up along the way. There will be magic keys that if I am able to secure and place in the correct lock will open up a treasure trove of opportunities and short cuts.

I have already started on my quest and have already conquered the great sea of despair. I have collected tools along the way such as Kindle and the new God, The Internet. I have found a key of truly magical proportions but have yet to successfully determine the lock it fits, that key is labelled social networking.

So you see, my journey to be published will take a diverse route and in no way stick to the traditional path.

My goal may well be – to hold a first edition copy of my first fantasy / horror novel in my hands as a hard back book published traditionally – but along the way I intend to use all the tools I can to my advantage and so my first path is a Kindle novel. This path runs parallel to The Novel path but my progress along the Kindle novel path is faster and less structured.

My Kindle novel is currently 6,419 words across three chapters whilst The Novel is still in the planning stages with a good synopsis well under way and three of the four main character profiles written.

This week The Novel had a breakthrough as I had been stuck on a particular issue, I needed to make the UK disappear at a very precise moment IE: the summer of 2011 and yet I could not create a suitable scenario until the current news gave me my answer when it was reported that a defunct NASA satellite the size of a double-decker bus was to come crashing down to earth.

For more on this you will have to travel with me all the way to the very end when I publish my first hard back novel entitled as of today:






  1. I love this! I can picture you on an epic journey, defeating evil doers in battle and finding a multitude of treasures along the way. I can’t wait to see where your Quest takes you!


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