Finally I feel I understand the road I have chosen to follow a little more clearly. This enlightenment has been hinted at in my last two entries.

Today I will introduce you to the parallel universe I sometimes inhabit, the Writers World. I hope you enjoy entering this “other world” and that it resonates for some of you as I believe it is a world where many of us have met and many more of us are destined to meet.

My quest is as to achieve my clearly defined goal of publishing a fantasy/horror novel in hard back IE via the traditional publishing route. The story of my quest takes us along the mega highway of what I now think of as a parallel universe that is the WRITERS’ WORLD.

 If the concept of a parallel universe seems a little alien to you then I can only apologise and refer you to Stephen King’s fantasy, The Talisman, where Jack Sawyer finds himself travelling through a fantastic and adventure full “other world”.  Jack can flip from one world to another, as can I, and actions taken in one world will have a consequence in the other.

My Writers World is not as fantastical as the land that Jack travels through on his quest. I don’t think I will befriend a werewolf in the Writers World, but, who knows. Let me describe the lay of the land as I know it.

There is one main thoroughfare in the Writers World and it is called the PUBLISHER’S PATHWAY. I have already started my journey along this pathway and I have come to think of it as the M25, that great logistical road design that circles London and from day one has been a traffic jam. I liken the path to the M25 because it is ultimately circuitous, leading us back to where we started for that is home.

The Publishers Pathway circles the Great Houses of the Writers World, these are of course the Publishers. The pathway has many entry points and exits which lead either into the circle or out of the circle. It is possible to exit and travel outwards, only to return later and continue your journey into the very epicentre of the Writers World. 

The exits that lead away from the Publishers Pathway can take you to many exciting and relevant alternative publishing destinations, each requiring its own journey, or they can lead far away and into the depths of other lands of alternative hopes and joys or the forests of disillusionment. Some people leave at a junction and never find their way back.

The Publishers Pathway can be tedious and slow in places and in others heart stoppingly-fast. It is always crowded, many thousands of people travel the Pathway every day and many more queue at every entry point jostling amongst themselves to gain entry onto the pathway.

I purchased a guide-book which was the first of the triggers that catapulted me, for that is what it is like for me, not the gentle “flip” that Jack sawyer experiences, into that parallel universe. That guide-book is entitled The Writers Bureau Comprehensive Guide to Creative Writing.

I hope you understand the land that I travel through a little better now and will leave you pondering the enigmatic parallel universe concept, for I fear I am about to be catapulted back to the world of recession and the routine of work.

Until next time….


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