Here I am, back again. Catapulted into my “other world”, the Writers World. I land with a bump that is sweet pain, for I had thought I lost my way as this other world has been very elusive this past week. But I am here now and the air is clean and fresh, the skies are bright and the river of hope runs high.

But I am getting ahead of my tale, let me take you back to my early travels.

I set out on the Publisher’s Pathway many months ago with my guide-book tucked under my arm, only at the time I thought of the Comprehensive Writing Course as a map that would direct me in easy to follow step by step directions to being published. 10 months on the pathway and I see it now, more realistically, as a guide-book.

Following the early instructions in the course set me off on the Pathway with a bounce in my step and joy in my heart, I was full of confidence and excitement. Reading the instructions carefully and following their direction without ever questioning where I was going. I detoured off the Pathway and took one of the exits from this great road out towards the Lands of Distraction.

The exit I took was labelled Writing For Money, so it had to be the right move, surely that’s what I wanted, to be published and earn from it?

I staggered and reeled along the secondary highway and took many small country lanes along the way, it was here I first encountered the Great Sea of Despair. My frustration at not feeling comfortable with writing articles for magazines I had never read, let alone readers letters ia all well documented in my earlier posts, EG: The Road to F2 or N2 – Research Brick Wall.

I  found my way back towards the Publishers Pathway but again, following the new signposts I discovered in my course – entitled Short Story Writing – Fiction, I find myself on another secondary highway in these Lands of Distraction. This one opened out onto a vast roundabout with many exits, I circled the roundabout many times trying to establish the best route for me. My options were:

  • Womens’ Magazines – the sign read Womag a whole new word for me
  • Sci Fi Magazines
  • Internet Magazines – this one labelled Ezines another new word
  • Competitions

Which one to pick?

When I find myself catapulted into the Writers World I carry with me some of the trappings from my other self in Reality, to name one finance issues. In neither world am I rich in the monetary currency of the land. On top of this my existence in both worlds is not in the country of my birth and expenditure on magazines is, on average triple, in my chosen home land. Also availability even at this high premium is limited. So I choose what I consider to be the easiest option and enter the highway marked Womag.

My life in the Writers World may bring with it the financial difficulties of  my life in Reality but it also has great benefits and differences. In the land of recession and work, namely Reality, I drive a second-hand Mitsubishi Star Cruiser which is the epitome of nondescript in the world of cars. In the Writers World I find myself travelling along the highways in a sleek cherry red Jaguar XK8.

For the Writers World is the land of dreams and fantasy, but if you can navigate the pathways and highways successfully they will lead you back to Reality and allow you to transport your success and your dreams into the world of Reality.

I hope I leave you with sweet dreams today, for the dreams of today can be the reality of tomorrow. Until next time, hasta luego.


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