Dear Reader,

I have wandered and roamed the Lands of Distraction for many months, but please remember, it is only now (months down the line and in possession of that magical elixir of life “hindsight”) that I recognise these Lands as being such – for they are the lands along the highway – Writing For Money. Many many people travel alongside me on this highway and I see many passing me by in the fast lane and achieving their goals and making money. For them this highway has taken them to the Land of Opportunity.

It is not the Lands of Distraction for everyone.

Neither is it a Land of Despair for me. Along the highways I have wandered into many forests where the trees are psychedelic and the butterflies as huge as eagles and as luminescent as the clearest rainbow. I have drunk from the sweet waters of the Rivers of Hope and become intoxicated on the magic of the wild berries along the river’s edge. I have eaten the strange fruits from the trees and been engulfed in the warmth and friendship I have discovered here.

It was whilst travelling through these lands I discovered the magic lock the smallest of my 3 keys fit. It is apt that it was in the Land of Distraction  I unlocked the door to a great orchard and a tree called The Creative Writing Group, there are many other trees each bearing its own mostly sweet tasting fruit of distraction, Forums, Websites, Competitions, Online Tips and Opportunities, Kindle ….

I do not regret one moment spent in this land, for here I have learnt, developed and honed my writing skills and it is here that I have picked the fruits from the great tree The Creative Writing Group, those fruits being the sweet and moorish comfort and friendship of others travelling with me in the Writers World.

Here within this land I studied the techniques needed to write the short story. All of which I can now apply to each separate chapter of my Great Novel, ensuring each chapter is played out with its own degree of completeness and its own jeopardy, tension and action.

It was here that I faced, fought and overpowered one of the Writers Worlds Demons, namely Over Confidence and it was here that I have learnt the dangers of dancing The Writers Two-Step, the dreaded highlight and delete function that takes whole works of creative inspiration and spirals them out of existence at the quick fingered dance of the Two-Step. Never to be recovered.

The Demon of Over Confidence played with my mind, whispering in my ear that I knew this stuff, I was beyond this level of tuition  and encouraged me to read the words but not digest the advice within my Guide Book. I will give you an example:

 My Guide Book makes reference to the need to put aside ones creative works for at least a week before unleashing the ferocious and emotive  art of editing. It even makes a visual association for the student of an airing cupboard, that place where crisp clean linen sheets are left to air before gracing our beds and easing our sleep.

  1. How many times did I fail to follow that advice?
  2. How many more time will the Demon win me over?

I confess to:

  1. Too many and
  2. Probably many more

The Demon of Over Confidence steps in when our creativity is at its height and a work has been completed at first draft stage and we know, just know, that this is the one. The music in our ears is of success, the adrenalin running through our veins is of achievement and fulfillment, and the lust that courses through our very existence is demanding satisfaction and completion NOW. It is now that the Sirens of our minds play the music that tempts us to dance the dance of the dreaded delete function and it is now that our eyes deceive us into believing that the words we are reading are as good as they can possibly be.

 Now, I recognise that Demon and my own susceptibility to its particular guile, and I am proud to say that at time of writing I have turned my back upon this Demon for the creation of my Kindle novel.  Whenever I complete a chapter of this work of art I hide it away in a folder in the airing cupboard of my computer, where it nestles with the previous chapters, whispering, conspiring and fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle. But I do not reopen those chapters, not even for a peek. Even though the sounds of their whispering reaches my ears and brings me out in a cold sweat with the strong pull of desire creating an ache in my soul.

So, Dear Reader, do not be distressed about my journeys in the Lands Of Distraction, for they were once the Lands of Learning and it is only now with the miracle of Hindsight that I recognise them as a distraction. Once recognised, they offer no great threat. Also I must all acknowledge that without having stepped foot into the Lands of Distraction, we, Dear Reader  would never have met. For it is within the plains of this great land that I first saw or heard of the Writers World’s  Constellation of stars, shining so brightly each night and forming the shape of a giant book, this magnificent constellation is called BLOG. 

I leave you now, but ponder this: Are you part of the Writers World too? I have to ask as this and another question plays on my mind more and more: Which is the parallel universe and which is reality?



2 thoughts on “Magic Keys, Demons and Constellations

  1. Gill, I love this piece; it’s eloquently written; inspired. If I ever try my hand at blogging this is the standard I would hope to achieve. Well done. I really enjoyed it.
    Stuart W.


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