Faithful Reader,

I am so sorry. I did not realise. I made the numero uno mistake – Never Assume – yeah we all know, it makes an ASS out of U and ME! But I did and I apologise.

I thought everyone had a little magic in their lives and would immediately comprehend mine.

You see I have travelled in the alter ego of the Writer’s World all my life IE: the Reader’s World. Within this world I have travelled through the universe wearing the identity of many different people. As a child I was Jo March, clumsy, blunt, opinionated, jolly and unladylike but with a passion for literature and a deep desire to write. This was of course when I lived the book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I was also George (Georgina to my parents), when I lived through the series of Famous Five books by Enid Blyton. Within C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe I truly existed within Narnia.

As I grew up I went through worlds rapidly, spending time in many different genres. I settled most permanently in Castle Rock, Derry, Maine as an honorary member of the many lands and worlds of Stephen King. Here I learned about true fantasy and was introduced to new languages, “Ayuh” instead of yes or yeah. Oreos featured heavily in many of these lands most often as empty wrappers, imagine my surprise many years later, to find these magical biscuits on the shelf in my local supermarket within the land of Reality. Within Stephen King’s lands I met and made so many friends, Wolf the amiable werewolf, Pennywise the clown of my nightmares, Carrie who everyone knows and of course a pig called Misery.

Most recently I have been a vestal virgin called Rubria (Kevin Ashman) and a trainee witch called Brida (Paulo Cuehlo) whilst at the same time I am also travelling with Jack Sawyer in his “other life” the territories, within The Talisman (Stephen King).

Magic and mystery have always been a part of my life, so forgive me for not explaining things.

I told of a great orchard within the Lands of Distraction that was opened by the smallest of my three keys. Many of you are wondering where these keys came from and why I needed a key to enter this particular orchard. I owe you an explanation.

My resolve to finally do something about my desire to write or in my very good friend Jackie’s speak, “Get off your arse and write something, you have a talent others would die for.”

led me to the comprehensive writing course which opened the door into the magical realm of the Writer’s World. When I arrived I wore the armour of enthusiasm alongside the blinkers of tunnel vision. I never stopped to ask where the cherry red Jaguar XK8 came from or indeed the set of three keys I found in the glove box, they were, simply, there. That is the way of magic and in magical worlds there always keys, sometimes they hide as Talismans or Lucky Charms or Rings, but they are always there.

The Great Orchard needed to be opened by a key because the discovery of the trees within has to be a conscious decision. They are not part of the roadways but an addition to the path.

I linger in this orchard still and always will, however, I am back on the main road – the Publishers Pathway – but now I have the key to the orchard it allows me to enter and leave at will. So you see the key gives me the option.

Whilst wandering through the great orchard and picking of the fruits of the many wondrous and mighty trees held within I have learned many lessons, most the hard way, however, none with regret.

The central tree is the great oak, The Creative Writing Group and its branches are spreading rapidly and the fruits that are the members ripen and mature swiftly. Already this great central oak has spawned a sapling in its shadows; its own website where I am proud and honoured to be a featured member this month alongside two other esteemed travellers in this magical world.

Surrounding the central oak are many other trees as I mentioned before, one of which is the conical form of the evergreen spruce called Competitions.   

The mighty evergreen spruce Competitions

This densely populated tree contains a myriad of opportunities, disappointments, lessons and trials. It stands tall and proud and its scent is the sweet aroma of the temptation of the proffered prize, Recognition. It is hard not to sample the exotic promises of these prolific multi layered branches.

For anyone interested please see LIFE’S ECHO which appears as a separate header above, this is  an example of my adventure into the branches of this mighty spruce.


One thought on “MAGIC DEFINED

  1. I love how you’ve developed ‘Life’s Echo’ and further told your story of how magic has always had a place in your heart. Another great piece of insight into your world.
    ~ Kelly


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