If I post this blog entry it may not make sense, but that is surely the point, I hope you agree. If you don’t please just move on and continue to my follow my usual rants and raves, this entry is a one off.


Writing For Therapy

This is a subject close to my heart; my writing takes me away from the everyday issues that we all face. I try to make that clear in my blog via the representation of two worlds, Reality and the Writers World. Within the Writers World there are rules and regulations as to the how to write. One which features many times in my blog posts is the need for the airing cupboard approach. I will not bore you with the definition but anyone knew to this blog please go to F2 TO F3 Over the wall and uphill  Over the Hill and  for greater understanding.

When you write for therapy the rules go out of the window. When you write something to release a pent up emotion or to express your innermost feeling then you write from the heart for yourself and as such the raw emotion will be truest unedited.

However, perhaps you are not aware that you are writing for therapy. Perhaps you just want to express yourself and as a writer words are your natural medium. When this happens we can have a conflict. What you have penned says it all for YOU. It captures the spirit of the moment and the emotion of that time, but is it technically correct… etc. The writing technician in you asks these questions but I say ignore the technician, throw away the rule book and do whatever you first intended with your piece EG: Sian – post it on your blog.

Last night I read a poem by one of my “virtual friends and colleagues” in the creative writing support group Amanda S. John (S as in Sian). This poem is beautiful, raw and emotive and told me her story. I will not intrude on Sian’s privacy with further thoughts but I sincerely hope that one day, when Sian is ready to share, you can click onto her blog from here and read this for yourself. I truly wish I could write poetry.

I have trawled my own writing for therapy folder and most of its content is still too raw for me to share today, there will come a time but it is not today. So I will share this entry with you, written at 3am, when I should be asleep with my husband beside me with dreams of sleigh bells and Santa and Christmases past and present filling my mind. Yet tonight I sleep alone while my husband lies in a lonely hospital bed and there will be no Christmas on the 25th for us this year. So you see – I know a little on this topic of writing for therapy, perhaps because of my circumstance, more than most.

Please do not fret, my husband will be fine and right now he is where he can be best cared for. I am simply trying to put my words in context. My husband and I have celebrated 31 Christmases together and there are more to come. I have a wealth of memories and many blank pages on which to share them, one day, when it is right, I may share some of my therapy within this blog but not today.

I said at the start – If I post this blog entry it may not make sense – and maybe for some of you it doesn’t. My apologies for those who don’t get it but for those that do if you have things you have penned in the heat of the moment, at the pinnacle of desperation or in the throes of ecstasy, hold onto them and keep them unedited. If your feelings are not too raw and you want to share them post them on your blog or within your Facebook group or just send them to a friend.

These are the true treasures of a writers mind.


6 thoughts on “Therapuetic writing

  1. Gill
    Our thoughts are with you. Mick didn’t bother with a beer last night and went straight to the V & T to toast you and Dennis.
    As you say many happy times past and may more to come
    Sheila and Mick


    1. Hey, lets have a virtual drink together over Xmas! Hate to tell you but the weather is glorious here, I was sunbathing with Mutt and Fig this am!! Thanbks for your support and I’m sorry about xmas.


  2. Gill

    I cant begin to pretend what you are both going through. As you say, hopefully he will be back soon and all will be well. Over the last few months I have made many new friends through writing and though we have never met, I count you as the closest. I feel we share values, dreams and aspirations. With this in mind, though I have never met him, the thought of your husband being unwell, upsets me. I am not a religous person but whatever passes for a diety in my confused mind, I will be hoping and indeed ‘praying’ for a speedy recovery for him, and a return to normality for you both. Dont worry about christmas day because when you are with someone who you love as much as you clearly love your husband, then every day is special. Like Mick above, I too will be raising a glass to you both on Sunday and perhaps one day we can all chink a glass together in reality.

    With regard to your inability to write poetry, what are you on about woman? Read your post again —If that’s not poetry, then what is?’


    1. Kevin, I am just back from my one hour allowed mid day visit and was feeling low but your words have cheered me no end. I value your friendship and thoughts and we are seemingly kindred spirits and I thank you for your support. I sincerely hope we can all share a drink (or two) together one day. Love to you and all your family especially the new baby.


  3. Hey Gill

    What an awful time you must be having right now. And why shouldn’t you share it with those of us who are interested and care enough to read it. xox

    Perhaps, for more writers than would care to admit, writing is ALL about therapy. It is the escape from reality than keeps us sane – the only universe in which we have absolute control. If only we could say that about ‘real’ life. I also happen to believe that it is the blending of real life with that of the writer’s alternative universe which gives us some of the best prose imaginable – words that convey deep emotions with such power and reality that they could surely only be borne of the writer’s narration of true life events.

    Take Care Gill

    My thoughts are with you and your husband.

    Bev x


    1. Thanks Bev, thats what I was trying to say exactly. Sometimes as writers we get the opportunity to just let it out and that is truly inspiring stuff. Sian’s beautiful poem is such a wonderful example of that. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts, it really does mean so much to me. Xxx


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