As those faithful friends that have been following my blog know, the majestic 18′ high gates to the Writers World have closed themselves to me over the past two months.

I believe this has been necessary and has forced me to reflect.

My reflections are not disappointing and I feel my progress is promising. I have tried many things with my writing and been successful with some and failed with a lot more. However, I have found my voice and chosen my path as a fantasy / horror writer and my recent trips to the Peten jungle of Guatemala have resulted in a short story that deserves my chosen pen name and reflects how and why I want to write.

Although I have been unable to write anything new or to continue with my Kindle novel, I am at peace. The encouraging words of a Writer’s Bureau tutor re my story of Mayan Magic as above filled me with confidence and I now recognise the intoxicating nectar that I crave as an addiction, I want to be read and have people say they enjoyed my stories.

A full year under my belt with the Writers Bureau course and I have achieved: one fictional letter published – one readers’ letter published – one blog up and running for public consumption – one private and very personal blog for selected viewing – one commercial blog to be launched in the future – a small collection of short stories that I am proud of – a myriad of notes and half written articles – three novels in the various departments that signify the stages of progress IE:

1) Planning Department

2) Under Construction

3) Forthcoming Developments

Oh yeah, and the biggest achievement of the year, I have learnt a hell of a lot.

I am managing to write, nothing very inspiring, letters to magazines, articles etc. but writing all the same. I have penned a draft short story for a competition but I’m not feeling wonderful about it, it hasn’t woken the buzz in my head or even pushed ajar the great doors to the Writers World but it is a start.

I feel I have an obligation within my blog and wonder where I am going so I have trawled my early blog posts to see if I could remember how I got involved in this blogging lark. My opening piece Gill’s Journey To Be Published on the 24th July 2011 promises:

My intention is to be light-hearted and frivolous but factual and serious all in the same breath!

I must ask you, the reader, if I have remained true to this intention.

I follow this opening post very quickly with an entry on July 26th where I reminisce the moment I took action and signed up for the WB course on New Years Eve 2010 where I tell you:

Part of my resolution is to be impulsive and follow my nose.

Hmm… I think I may need to re pledge that one!

What I do know is that I need a plan, I have my guide-book, I have my mentors and friends to encourage me, I now have what has been lacking in the past IE: time, now I need a plan, I need goals and I need a timetable. I will start right now today and pledge to you all.

I will be published this year.


I need to know your thoughts, tell me here, please

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