Dear Friends,

I have a plan.

I shall develop my writing career on two levels, or to be more precise within two genres.

• I shall write articles, letters, at least two “How To …” books and a kindle novel as Gill S in order to generate income to fund myself in my bid to write full time and ditch the day job.

• I shall develop my craft as a horror / fantasy writer under my chosen pen name, starting with short stories and novellas and working toward the ultimate long term goal as identified on 22nd September 2011 in the post entitled Goals Defined I want to hold a first edition copy of my first fantasy / horror novel in my hands as a hard back book published traditionally

I shall exist as a self-induced schizophrenic, or a she-man as my chosen pen name is male, whichever you prefer!

My work as Gill S will never convince the editors of the Horror / Fantasy publishing houses to take me seriously as writer within their genre but it will show discipline and an ability to work to deadlines. Meantime the experience I gain writing and self-publishing as Gill S will provide excellent experience for my other self.

I have gone back to the beginning of the comprehensive writing course and have approached my tutor requesting to switch back to the non-fiction section. Within the fiction section I am at assignment F5 which is all about my novel and its detailed plan etc. This is an ideal place to take a break, go back to the beginning and catch up.

My personal situation now allows me the time and space to get back to basics and plan my writing schedules, organise my writing space and set myself production goals. The implementation of all of these things will undoubtedly help me cope with the massive change in my personal circumstance.

Today I have separated my work area and my writing space, giving each a place within my home so that the edges do not touch or blur. I can close the door at the end of my working day and leave it behind as I would if I were working from an office. My writing space is in a favourite room with many good memories close by and my favourite painting of “Happy Elephants” looking over me as I write. I have all my favourite books and magazines close at hand for reference and there are two files ready and waiting for cuttings, one for fiction ideas and characters, one for non-fiction. I have a timetable drawn up for my working week with a generous allowance of writing time scheduled, I am still working on the quantity of output that I hope to achieve in that time but will have a rough first draft target set by Monday am.

This is my plan.

Follow my progress – same bat time same bat channel.



I need to know your thoughts, tell me here, please

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