Do you believe in ghosts?

No neither do I.

But I do believe in something and I do know for a fact that a person cannot live a full and complete life and then just be gone in the blink of an eye. It is impossible for a soul mate of 34 years to suddenly not “be” anymore.

So call it spirit, residual energy, guardian angel or whatever you or I wish, the name is not important but Den spoke to me loud and clear in my head as I walked Muttley through the wooded lane leading down to the town.

His message is clear and delivered on a morning when the sun is struggling to be seen through cloud, this being unusual in itself. The past week has seen me and Muttley enjoying the first rays of the sun emerging in a clear blue sky. I think a point is being made.

The doors to the Writers World may be closed but they are not locked. I created those doors and I can open them whenever I wish. I have been spouting complete and utter balderdash. If I have chosen to visualise 18` mahogany doors with majestic images of Aslam, Pennywise the Clown, Carrie, The Wicked Witch of the West, The Snow Queen, and many other fictional characters then I must visualise the way to access the lock, (step ladders are being screamed at me but that is way too normal).

I must adopt a disciplined and ordered approach to my life in the world of Reality, yes that is true and all the cr** within my last post applies to my life in Reality. That life frightens me, I will admit that, but when I look in the mirror and ask myself If I will survive this, the answer is always yes. 

I am a survivor and that’s OK, it’s allowed.

But my writing, the Writers World, that will always be fantastical, crazy, weird and wonderful. I will always study the rule books and listen to the advice of my mentors, but I will more often than not ignore it all and go along my own crazy road, because that is the creative me.

I will not process this post through the airing cupboard because it needs to be said and said today.

So blog followers and friends (fortunately my blog is still limited in circulation and only friends have witnessed the inane wittering of the past few months) I will be opening the doors to the Writers World and I will be re acquainting myself with my cherry red Jaguar XK8 and you, you will be my witnesses.

And I repeat, I will be published this year. And I will commit to being more precise, it will be a self published novel.

Now I have 60 minutes left before work and I will write my competition entry – My Thoughts as a Tree.

Happy living everybody, try not to take life too seriously.


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