Hi Everyone,

I picked up a new follower recently, Nick Rolynd, and his blog and writing concept captured my imagination – 30 minute fiction I determined to take part.

I have been very troubled with my writing of late and have dark periods when I think the ability (if I had any) has deserted me, then I find a new concept for writing and it inspires me again. I have recently written a 50 word flash fiction story, a 250 word first person narrative as a tree and now I have attempted this, 30 minute fiction. I truly have not cheated and sat at my screen with my alarm set for 30 minutes and after this time I was editing the final paragraphs of those dreadful clumsy finger wrong keystrokes that I suffer with.

The finished story is not as dark as my imagination had penned.

I don’t think I am confident enough to link this piece to Nick’s site but I will share with you my faithful followers and maybe some of my very good friends at the creative writing support group may want to give this a bash.

Happy writing.

Life in the Embers

The embers never die, the heat is always present, they spit and flicker unheard within the confines of this deep dark chamber, but the coal red embers never die.

That is why it is perfect for me. I still cannot believe my luck. My time on this earth was completely random. It had not been my intention to enter this world that the creatures here call Earth. Finding myself stranded here and in need of a host I simply “adopted” the first entity I encountered that emanated strength. I soon became acquainted with my host and fed on his memories to learn the ways of this world.

My host was a male specimen; there are two main species here, male and female. Each come in a variety of colours shapes and sizes but intrinsically the difference is a matter of cell make up, there are males and females and from the joining of the two they create more males and females. How charmingly simple, wouldn’t you agree?

I digress; my host was a male of certain repute within his circle of acquaintances. It seems he was a successful money-maker (money being the biggest driving force here) and a “man’s man” by night with a voracious appetite for the act of joining with females. This they label “sex” and it is a most intoxicating pastime and my host encouraged numerous encounters and was always able to surprise his female partners and me with his inventiveness of how to fit two bodies together. Wonderful.

When he was not required to make money in the daylight hours he had the most annoying pastime of pushing his physical body to it absolute limits running around a field with other male specimens chasing a round animal skin object they call a ball. This prized trophy could not be handled and had to be pushed past the others by foot. Quite extraordinary and after a few such high energy experiences I was really quite bored with the whole thing and had to resort to a bit of internal scratching to cause my host to cease. However, a week later (they measure time here in days, weeks, months and years instead of cycles) he would be up and off at it again.

That’s one of the reasons I had to bring him here to his demise. I had learned from his memory banks about the final processing of these strange creatures at their end time – cremation.

How wonderful for me.

I caused his sudden removal from life and he was duly brought here and fed to the fire. I exited his body in my raw single cell format and have been here feeding on the best bits of the creatures they incessantly send in to the fire. As they arrive and the heat of the fire is turned up so their essence leaves their bodies and it is then I feed. Once their very bones have been reduced to ash the fire is turned down and the ashes removed, where the ashes are taken is not clear to me, but it seems they may be taken to another vault and locked away so I had to find another exit plan.

I am complete now. I have chosen the desired assets from the creatures that have entered the fire and I rest in the embers ready to execute my escape from this vault before I start to germinate from this single cell structure and grow into my creation for life on this Earth.

I am waiting for remains that contain metal, these creatures often have bits of metal inserted into their limbs for some strange reason, but the metal doesn’t disintegrate and is removed from the ashes that are taken out regularly and left in a receptacle for removal later. I will attach myself to the next piece of suitable metal and thus travel back out of the vault to be sifted and separated. Then when the day creatures leave for their nocturnal recreation I can fully germinate and emerge from this tiresome single cell structure.

I shall be magnificent, I am both male and female of the species and have appetites the like of which these creatures have no comprehension.




2 thoughts on “The 30 minute fiction challenge

  1. My email alerts brought me to your page.
    Gill – I have to say this is one of your best pieces yet! The imaginative thought that has gone into a piece of writing like this – a piece that takes you deep within the emotions of ‘this’ creature, is brilliantly done…and all in 30 minutes!

    You go girl. And who said your ‘writing spark’ has diminished? ;D

    You need to send this off or build on it as a larger piece Gill – it could go far!
    Well done and it seems a brilliant challenge for the Creative Writers – it would be interesting to see the dynamics of the groups imagination all rolled into one.

    Best wishes – I DO believe you will be published this year.
    Elaine xx


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