OK so I have been back in the ‘fold’ for a week.

So what have I achieved?

A shed load of ideas have flooded in this week. My ever-present glitzy notebook has pages of barely legible scrawls to verify that! It is sooooo good to have my head switched on again. That is how it feels, like someone has turned the lights back on up there.

Have I overcome confronted all the ghosts?

No. I have avoided them like the plague preferring to focus on new stuff. Past projects still hold an element of fear for me.

But you know what, that’s fine. Time will eliminate the fear and that’s the great thing about writing it is eternal, it won’t go anywhere.

What I have focused on is:

Writing Competitions – the way to win course that I won.

Yep, you heard right, won. So here is the winning entry, a love story in 50 words or less.

First Love – 49 words

“Hi.” He sat – eyes on his trainers.

“Hi.” She glanced up from under her fringe.

He surveyed the park for his mates, sneakily drinking her in, edging closer.

She fiddled with a stick of gum, ripping it in half. She handed him half. They’re eyes locked, she smiled.

Please comment and give me some feedback on this, always appreciated.

What I have learned from the course (which I would strongly recommend as a good investment) is that this win, no matter how trivial, is an important start to my writer’s CV. I also have more respect for competitions than I did before and understand their overall importance in my start to build an author’s platform.

More on my review of the course next week.

Finally, a question for you all:

Am I certifiable or is emotional attachment to the subject of your writing normal??

The reason I ask is that I also entered a competition where the remit was to write a 250 word piece from the viewpoint of a tree. Yes a tree.

As soon as I read the competition I knew exactly which tree I could imagine being and I knew exactly how the tree would think, its character and style. Crazy?

I entered the competition and am still awaiting the results.

But here comes the really certifiable bit.

Last week they cut the said tree down. I am enraged, furious and nonplussed at the senseless destruction of a magnificent and clearly ancient and healthy part of my town’s landscape.

Certifiable or the sign of a writer?

Please tell me what you think.

Adios amigos.


2 thoughts on “Certifiable or a writer? Answers on a postcard

  1. I don’t think you are crazy at all! I would think that it was abnormal not to have an emotional attachment to your writing or what you are writing about. This sounds like an interesting competition to me, I hope you win. A tree is a living thing and perhaps this and your emotional attachment to the latter has led to your anger at it being destroyed. As a living breathing thing, this tree perhaps also represented both the continuation of life and hope. I think emotive writing is key to being a successful writer. Emotions evoke passion and motivation to write what we want. Keep up the good work Gill.


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