Hei, hei,

As the locals here in Bergen say!

I decided that I shouldn’t miss a weekly post on my blog as my recent absence must have tried the patience of my valued followers and friends.

As I am here in Bergen enjoying my wonderful grandchildren I decided I would share the opening of a story I wrote for my friend Anita’s unborn baby and indeed my three wonderful grandchildren. The following extract introduces all four of them to you.



Once upon a time, a long, long, time ago, in a land called Enshia, there were four friends that met by chance playing in the sweet red fields by the purple rivers edge under the heat and light of the bright white sun set in a yellow sky. Frolicking and rolling in the sweet smelling grass, chasing each other in and out of the sky blue trees with their dark navy leaves and pink bananas. Running, flying and swimming further and further along the river’s edge, dipping their feet and sometimes swimming in the burbling purple waters of the fast running river which seemed to be talking to them all the while “play, play, come play with me”.

For in the land of Enshia all the colours of the world are different to those that you and I know today and this world belongs to the insects, animals and creatures. Girls and boys are not known here. Yet the animals and insects are familiar to us in shape, form and colour – but today, in our world, we would not see such animals and insects playing together as today these creatures lead very different lives. It is in this strange but wonderful land that we meet the four friends:

A butterfly called Stephany-Jade with the most beautiful wings you can imagine, every possible shade of pink and some, as yet undiscovered colours, all swirling in the most beautiful patterns on the wings of this elegant playful creature. Flitting through the grass, landing lightly on her friends backs, always the one to call out “take care, be careful” when danger presented itself to the younger ones.

A beaver called Skylar, with his sleek brown coat, webbed feet and skilful hands, darting in and out of the water, swimming at amazing speeds and then running along the shore line stopping only to build a dam to slow the purple rivers tide so that the others can play in the water safely.

A chimp called Damien, with his cheeky grin, long arms, legs and tail, forever up to mischief. Swinging through the branches of the sky blue trees, snatching at the pink bananas on his way through and teasing the others with the succulent fruits, making them run and catch him before he shares out the booty.

A bumble bee called Bubbito, with a yellow and black striped coat buzzing through the air at amazing speeds turning, rolling and somersaulting up and down through the leaves of the trees and across the surface of the river. Never in one place for long, his friends could only tell where he was by the buzzing sound that followed him everywhere.

Race you to the bottom of the hill down there, where the rivers parts in two, first one to the island in the middle is the winner! What do you say guys?” says Damien, swinging by his tail from a branch overhanging the river’s edge where Skylar is busy building yet another dam with Stephy on his back, precariously perched, ready to take flight should he decide to dive down into the depths of the river in search of the “perfect” stone.

“I’ll win, I’ll win, come on let’s go!” buzzes Bubbito tumbling through the air excitedly, making Stephy gasp with horror as he seemed to be falling straight into the water, only to suddenly level out and take off skywards at the very last moment.



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