Hello People,

It’s been a while, my apologies are sincere, this thing called life can be a b**** sometimes, it keeps getting in the way. You know what I mean don’t you? Best laid plans and all that!

I do have some real reasons for my writing schedule to have been blown to pieces, really I do. Or are they excuses? Hmm… tough one that. Anyhow you can decide.

I returned from my trip to England (rained every day by the way) feeling a little flat, having left my wonderful family travelling back to Norway and my very good friends enjoying the English summer and feeling jealous of my tan. But I was a trifle flat to say the least. I knew that my return signified an important marker in my life. I knew that now I had to “get serious” and really “get on with my life”. It was time to start applying myself more fully to my life, my goals, my dreams and – oh yeah that other tiny detail, work!

Here comes the reason/excuse, pay attention:

I returned on a Sunday night (two weeks ago actually) and got a call Monday morning telling me the office working hours had changed, instead of 4pm to 9pm it was now 2pm to 8pm. Nothing major really, just an earlier start and finish. The extra hour was calculated and duly recompensed so no cause for complaint. Yet that earlier start has thrown my routine out into the netherlands of outer space. I have completely lost my “mojo” and the only writing I have managed in the two weeks has been last Sunday when I penned Part Two of my private edition story entitled Your Story. Part two was my baptism present for my wonderful friends Anita and Diego’s lovely daughter, my Little Lady Sophie. No I won’t be publishing here, it is my gift to Sophie and if she ever wants to share it that will be her decision.

My Little Lady Sophie
My Little Lady Sophie

Hey, that’s quite a change Gill, no wonder your schedule’s gone cosmic.

Well no. Actually let’s be brutal about this. My routine was:

  • Up and out walking Muttley by 8am
  • Back home, swim, shower and breakfasted by 9.45am
  • Writing from 10am at the latest for a minimum two hours daily.

The reality since returning from England has been:

  • Up and out walking Muttley by 9am
  • Back home, swim, shower, sun bathe and breakfasted by 11.30am
  • Chat on telephone, play with e-mails and Facebook …

I need say no more.

However, in fairness to myself and as a break from the self-flagellation, I have been more motivated these past two weeks in other areas of my life, the day job and also an internet business I got involved in a few months ago. I haven’t been completely lazy in my out of work hours, just a little undisciplined. Oh and the internet business will link to my writing when I get organised.

I hereby formally resolve to return to my former routine and write for a minimum two hours every morning, the Writers World has been calling to me over the last week. It’s like an itch that you can’t scratch, I keep having flashbacks of characters and scenes from my “in progress and seriously stalled” kindle novel.

I really think I can face that door now and pick up where I left off.

Wish me luck and send me likes and comments to spur me on, give me a kick up the proverbial if you like I deserve it!

Back soon, I promise. XXX





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