I’ve looked it up but no definition that I can find truly encompasses the power of this mental attitude or state. They all list the range of emotions – love, joy, sorrow, hate etc. Most make mention of the likelihood of physiological changes such as tears or shaking. All point out that the happening of emotion is subjective rather than by conscious effort.

I don’t think any of us can fathom the power or sheer force of emotion until it really hits us. The roller coaster ride of life throws us into situations that trigger emotions on a daily basis but very few of the daily seesaw of emotions prepare or educate us as to the unequivocal power force that is emotion at its peak.

Handling our emotions is not an easy task. It is an individual and extremely private affair. Whilst hearing of others experiences might give us guidance, nothing or no one can teach us how to deal with our own individual emotions.

I had no idea that writing was my faucet, my release, my way to offload the emotions and very often to escape from them. I know now and am learning how to harness that knowledge.

Over the past few weeks life has swung the car in which I ride the rollercoaster around some frightening bends and has given me glimpses of others that use the power of writing to harness or deal with their emotions and this has shocked me. I thought I was unique.

First my very good virtual friend Kevin Ashman reared up into my vision and hit me hard with his blog entry http://bit.ly/ODgJo7.

Kevin’s honesty regarding his motivation to write caused my rollercoaster car to swerve onto two wheels just as I careered around a hairpin bend, frightening in the extreme.

His sad news re one of my other much respected virtual friends Jim Tuffin affected me immensely. But I could not deal with it and refused to follow the link, preferring to push the entire issue and pain to one side.

Then Jim himself caught up with me and I read and now follow his blog for myself. http://bit.ly/QD4wm0

I want to say something meaningful and profound but cannot, I am not the wordsmith I would like to be and cannot find the words.  But Jim – your words inspire me and I look forward to reading your Christmas, New Year and Easter blogs over the forthcoming years.

I have also recently heard of how illness has attacked the fabric of life for two of my friends in the “real” world.

I find it hard to contain my anger at this beast of the dark, illness. It enters our lives without care or thought for who we are or what we have achieved. It attacks indiscriminately and it tears apart souls. It invokes the strongest and darkest of emotions.

I can only purge my soul of those darkest emotions anger and hate by pouring them into my fiction.

I am emerging from my own dark place and I am making progress with my uphill struggle, my writing is my life line and I respect it as such but it is so often the writing of others that helps me on the way. In particular, my treasured virtual friend Elaine McKenna’s inspirational proverb:

The road may seem long and the path may seem steep, yet the journey is what you make it.

I am trying very hard to make my journey along the pathway of life one paved by my innermost dreams and desires, it is indeed a steep path but these words remind me that the journey is what I make it.

This is one of many such pearls of wisdom to be found in Elaine’s excellent little book, Ignite Your Inner Desires, this is most definitely recommended reading and is available on Amazon and via Elaine’s website. http://bit.ly/MmxeAo

For now, goodnight my friends – sleep well and live life to the full. xxx


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