My cherry red XK8 has been playing up. Ever since I gained access to the Writer’s World it has behaved in a most contrary fashion. I have not shared this with you as it left me nonplussed and I hate to admit when something is outside my realm of understanding, especially in a world of my creation.

Every time I venture into the Writer’s World my beautiful pride and joy refuses to appear washed and pristine, no matter how hard I imagine it, instead its lipstick inspired colour is dull and dusty. Even the lone figurine of a jaguar that points forward from the bonnet has its head down dejectedly. Try as I might I have failed to restore the car to its usual magnificent self. After three or four visits I decided it needed a run, maybe it was sulking at its lack of use of late and this is where my tale gets decidedly weird and causes me to use the expression “contrary fashion” to describe my cars behaviour.

At the turn of the key (the Writer’s World refuses to acknowledge the modern trend of keyless ignitions) the engine roars and my wondrous XK8 rears up and I anticipate its usual thrust of speed to propel me out onto the fast lane of the Publishers Highway. But no, my pride and joy – my creation, has a mind of its own and instead rears its front wheels off the ground and assumes the role of a light aircraft. Up into the sky it roars and I am left clutching the steering wheel expected to assume the role of pilot without any prior notice or training.

My first encounter with this phenomenon was scary in the extreme. I fought with the car trying to resume a more XK8 like stance IE four wheels on the ground whilst the car seemed intent in careering me across the landscape at altitudes even Figaro (my parrot) would not attempt. The result was less than pleasant for either the car or me. Finally we had bumped to the ground and in amongst my swearing and mutterings at the damned machine the jaguar figurine turned its head lazily and fixed me with a “you stupid girl” look that cut my rants off in mid-sentence.

This errant behaviour has become the norm. That does mean I accept it (yet) but we learned to respect each other when I was at the wheel during these “flights”. I realised that my role was really that of passenger but that I could wield some influence over direction via the controls as long as my intention was writing related.

I will give you a moment to let that one sink in …

I could gently ease the car down and land on the hard shoulder of the Publishers Pathway, or on a side road, in order to breathe in the creativity within both the air and the scents of the exotic flowers and plants, and therefore to write.

This has been how I have been writing of late, in the Writer’s World but not wholly a part of it. My writing is more of an effort than it has been in the past and perhaps it, like my cherry red pride and joy, it is a little dusty and off colour, not beyond repair simply in need of a make-over. However, I have been and am writing regularly.

I am writing for me. I have no market, competition or end game plan right now I am just writing and dusting myself off.

However this week, after a delightful weekend of relaxation and time spent with good friends, finally, the penny has dropped and I understand the problem with my cherry red pride and joy.

Or I think I do. I shall progress this theory and report back, in the meantime, keep reading, supporting, sharing and liking my blog, it is my writer’s lifeline.

With all my thanks as ever, till next time. Xxx


2 thoughts on “The Errant Behaviour Of My XK8

  1. As usual Gill your style is excellent and you certainly pulled me along behind, but at least I had a parachute on if the worst came to the worst ….
    Keep it up, and keep making me smile, as this is exactly the sort of medicene I need at this time.


  2. So lovely to see you back on here Jim. Glad it made you smile, just wait for the next installment hopefully it will get a belly laugh!!!! LOL


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