Last time my blog post took the form of a question for you all.

“To blog or not to blog?”

I was fast coming to the conclusion that if I was to continue writing I needed to close down my blog.

Following on from this question comes the next one:

 “Do we sometimes try to comply with all the writing rules and regulations too much? Can this stifle a natural writing ability? How do we find the right balance?”

Then a strange thing happened. I got into the ring with a heavyweight.

In my world of writing, which is encompassed by the wonderful friends within the Creative Writers Group, I am a lightweight. I submitted my “best ever story” to the groups undeniable heavyweight Mr Kevin Ashman, self-published author extraordinaire.

I will confess to being floored in the early rounds, his honesty and his (how dare he or anyone else) difference of opinion to mine knocked me flat.

But then that funny little man that always wears a bow tie came over and started that counting thing. I was up, dazed, shocked but fighting fit before he could get to ten.

I am glad I got knocked down. We as writers need that sometimes. I most definitely needed it. Even the perfectionist needs objective and honest critique and the secret is to pick yourself up before the silly little man gets to ten. I shall enjoy debating Mr A’s viewpoint with both the man himself and another light heavyweight that has the same story for critique – Conrad Brand.

However hidden in the fancy footwork of Mr Ashman’s knockout blow was a little treasure:

“I got the feeling you are trying too hard and need to relax. Your blog writing flows beautifully …”

So on this basis and because it is my blog and I can do as I please! I will continue  and maintain my unprofessional attitude and I will write what I want and how I want for now. As time goes on maybe the slant of the blog will change and the cardboard cut-out may indeed appear who knows?

Decision made I faced the next issue, getting going, getting that book written.

I watched my friends and colleagues all gleefully signing up to ride the open top bus that is the Nanomo challenge to write a book, or close to it, in a month / challenge and target 50,000 words in the month of November. See for further on last years event.

Given Mr Ashman’s comments and my own appraisal of myself as a rule follower I have decided to take the plunge. Despite my life being a maelstrom of projects and work right now and time being a critical factor for me every single day I have resolved to re schedule my day and fit in two hours writing before the sun comes up each day.

I shall hop on the bus and take the magical mystery tour that is Nanomo. More info can be found at

If you happen upon this post and are a fellow Nano participant please buddy up with me, more the merrier I can be found as gillsains.

If you are a friend, work colleague or family member and reading this please be kind to me in November it will be tough.

Anyone and everyone else, please keep supporting me with your comments, likes and reading of my crazy blog.

Yours foolhardily,







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