Good Day Folks,

Today, while I was over the park walking Mutt, I watched a grandfather with his three granddaughters. The girls were similar ages to my own three grandchildren (9, 8 and 6). Granddad patiently showed the girls the different trees and plants,  I couldn’t hear the instruction but he was clearly teaching them. He got them to gently feel the leaves etc. and I can only imagine the dialogue.

Yes this brought a tear to my eye.

Den would have done this. I remember when our son was small we would walk in Richmond Park and he would quiz Paul as to the names of the trees, having taught him during previous walks. He was always so cross at my ignorance!

Yes I feel sad that Den will not have the opportunity to do this simple thing with his grandchildren, however, I am also grateful that each of our Grandchildren knew their Farfar (Norwegian for Granddad) Den.

I have kept my promise and managed to celebrate each of the Grandchildren’s birthdays with them this year. Each one has taken away a gift from Farfar Den, something to keep and cherish and remind them of their Farfar. A pendant with pictures of Den’s parents for Stephany Jade, the mini cushion from Den’s pride and joy his Mini Cooper S  for Skylar (“not just  a Mini Cooper, a Mini Cooper S!”  We that had the privilege to know him can hear him say!) and two miniature cricket bats – one signed by the many wonderful friends that attended his 50th birthday party and the other by various famous cricketers from one of the wonderful England tours we were so lucky to attend.


I have travelled this far. I have learned a lot since losing my husband, best friend, lover and soul mate. I am still learning about me, the new me, the one that has to evolve in order to survive life without my soul mate and life partner. I now see significance in things I never noted before. The passage of time is one such example.

It will be nine long months on the 2nd November. The same amount of time a new life takes to form in its mother’s womb. Nine months – a time for re birth.

The month of November will mark a significant evolution for me, as a person. I will acknowledge my deepest desire to write and I will participate in the Nano. This means I will attempt to write a minimum of 50,000 words towards a novel within the 30 days of the month.

I will spend huge amounts of time glued to my keyboard and I will lose myself in that magical place the Writers World. This time I will not be hiding from anything or anyone this time I will be honouring a memory.

I will undertake the Nano with Den’s words, advice and encouragement in my mind. I know he is telling me not to do this unless I intend to complete the task and do it Bl**** well.

My Nano will be dedicated to Den.

I am finding out about the Gill that will move forward onto and into another chapter in the book of life. I understand the need for a new focus and a separate but similar identity to the one that is and always will be part of a great duet Den and Gill.

Today my blog is for me.

Today my blog is for my friends and family that have been such a tremendous support for me during the past difficult nine long months.

Today my blog is for the future I am starting to be able to see and accept.



6 thoughts on “Nine Long Months and the Nano Adventure

  1. Took my breath away. We are all rooting for you Gill. In a way, I am looking at NaNo as a new chapter in my journey as my husband died about a year ago leaving me with a 17 year old and a 9 year old. We will conquer this and move forward. Good Luck again NaNo Buddy.


  2. im sure den is very proud gilly willy another wonderful blog and dont forget the support you have given us as well you are an important part of our lives and our writing journey you will pass the nano with flying colours and we are gonna join you


  3. im sure den is very proud of you and all you have accomplished i know we are gilly willy and dont forget it goes both ways look at all the support you have given us as well we love you gill and when we have completed the nano together we will have a toast in dens name


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