Oh my God. What have I done?

The Writers world is in chaos – considering I created it – I barely recognise it.

My cherry red XK8 seems to be Master of Ceremonies and is bossing everyone and everything around, she has, in her wisdom, closed the outside lane (that’s the fast lane) of the Publishers Pathway and issued a decree that it is only accessible to Nano Warriors.

The Writers World itself has morphed into some sort of huge stadium surrounding the three lanes of the Publishers Pathway which circumnavigate the Sea of Despair. At either end are ginormous screens with flashing images playing over and over.

Every second image is my avatar and gillsains.
After the roll call has completed a giant countdown clock appears counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds. Then the entire cycle starts again. Just look at some of those names. NightElementalWarrior, Tiger Eye 1, lexithon, wow some serious writer’s handles up there.

I just know there are going to be cheerleaders with pom poms jumping up and down and dancing at every possible excuse to celebrate.

There is a humongous bright red open topped bus ready and waiting for the starters pistol at Midnight October 31st.

There are speakers blasting out Billy Ocean (speakers? I demand silence when I write?) When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going.


The atmosphere is decidedly party time.


Oh My God. I say again.

No backing out now. I am well and truly in.

I don’t know what will emerge at the end of Nano, but I know that I am going to complete it to the very best of my ability.

I have dissected the time available to me into personal daily targets, 1500 words on a workday and minimum 4000 words on a weekend. Any workday deficit must be made up at the weekend. Therefore I should write 15,500 words per week across three weeks. This leaves approximately one week for “life events” and all those annoying petty little things that will crop up and have to be dealt with.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?

Hmmmmmmm I’ll let you know.


I need to know your thoughts, tell me here, please

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