Oh Wow!

I am so loving the challenge, camaraderie and the growing confidence in my ability to  succeed – I am loving the NANO.

The leaderboard in the Writer’s World is a real tribute to all my fellow Nano Warriors and the open top bus is now getting pretty full but I can see a second reserve bus on the hard shoulder so plenty of room.  At the time of writing it is showing the following stats for myself:

Words left overall:                                41,193

Words left to *week one target:            1,193

* (w/e Sun 4th Nov Midnight)

How cool is that? It is magically linked to everyone’s actual writing and reflects       each participants personal achievement goals as well as the overall 50,000 word target.

When it gets to CA Brand this massive great multi-coloured excel sheet appears with numbers whirring and columns adjusting at the rate of knots it is a modern work of art. Well done that man – this comes from someone who has had a private excel sheet going for six weeks now and has only just sussed how to automatically add the figures in column H! That is 100% true by the way – personal message – Anita where are you?!!!!

The speakers are blaring again, this time it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04854XqcfCY – Queen and the immortal WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS.

It is true too, we are. Each one of us whether we complete or not – every single Nano Warrior is a champion and there are no losers on this bus – 50k or 20k or just 5k we have all got on board the bus. Way to go.

There are fans and pom poms and cheerleaders as I suspected and I am meeting new people on the bus, a personal hi from me to Atysoul who is so inspiring me. Daily blogs, stories outside of the Nano and what a synopsis and excerpt!

This leads to me a more serious reflection on my part.

Nano 2011 had a tremendous impact on me. I could not take part but I ran along side the bus. I was so caught up in the excitement of Shaun, Elaine and the rest of the crew that I decided there and then that one year I would hop on the bus. At that difficult time I could not envisage a way for that to become a reality and in a way I am sad that my circumstance is such that I can hop on board BUT.

My point is this, I rang alongside through the CWS Facebook group, I didn’t have to hop on.

This year we have set up a dedicated CWS Nano site because of a comment I passed and now, I am a little sad because all those wonderful group members are missing out on what I had last year. They are not feeling the tremendous camaraderie that I felt in 2011 and am a part of this year.


I will post in my blog, mine and any one else that would like me to, synopsis and excerpt.


This is the story of Abbas a 12th century Berber who is trapped to eternally walk the same pathway in his soul destroying search for his lost love, Fadilla. One day he stops walking. It is 2012 and Abbas is at the base of the Monumento del Turista in Torremolinos Spain – he is convinced he has found his Fadila in the statue.

Tired and ready to give in Abbas is set upon by a gang of intoxicated and drug sodden youths intent upon fire-balling him when he is rescued by Wayne, a young Australian who is back packing round Europe in search of himself. Having been jilted Wayne is trying to find out why, he believes the answer lies within himself. If he was a better person surely she wouldn’t have jilted him? He travels Europe on his lonely quest to find peace within himself and his conscience.

The two men forge a strange relationship, each telling their tale by the light of the campfire. The tales told traverse the centuries and tell of love, war, persecution and dedication.

Each man offers the other a different perception of their new friend’s problem and slowly, together, they find their answers.

But only one of them can find happiness and at what expense?


            “Yeah, come on lets do it!”  The adrenalin laced screams of the youths were reaching fever pitch. “Stomp him Gracie, stomp him, kill the sad old b****.”

Abbas stared up at the harsh yellow glare of the night sky and he wondered for the hundredth time what fuelled the great candles without flames that lit up the night, he smelt the invisible cloud of filth that enveloped this world, blanketing it from the purity of the true night sky. His eyes sought out the stars, barely visible in the false light and dirt of pollution, he prayed to Fadila to receive his spirit and grant him pardon for his failure of her in his long tormented journey.

Even as he lay prone and seemingly helpless at the hands of his young assailants, his prayers to Fadila and Allah repeating over and over, he started to realise that these fledgling aggressors might lack the ability to finish the job at hand. He had sustained no serious damage and they were all reluctant to target his head. Abbas’ mind processed this information, his natural warrior instincts screaming from the deepest pit of his soul to be allowed retribution and to teach these young pups the reality of a fight.

“May Allah receive my soul and may all the Gods before me forgive me,” the words erupted from Abbas, a release built from the years of journeying, searching but never finding. His scream rang out in the depth of the night and then … then he smelt the kerosene and knew.

Release was at hand after all.


4 thoughts on “We are the Champions

  1. Well done Gill on a brilliant piece of writing, again.
    With regards to my all singing and dancing spreadsheet – thanks for being so kind about it,. I know it is sad, but I Love it!
    I ran the same road as you last year and share your sentiments. If it was not for the buzz from last years’ Nano, I would not have thought of contributing this year.

    Thanks again for your lovely post and let’s keep going.
    Conrad xxx


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