Week two of my Nano trek is drawing to a close and I approach the Writers World with fear in my heart for my failure this week is undeniable. I dread the leader board which will flash triumphantly for my fellow Nano Warriors before illuminating my failure in neon.

However I enter to find the bus parked up on the hard shoulder and everyone taking a well-earned breather, the leader board is a revelation, it reads:


Awaiting third umpires decision due to the use of three life lines in week two – personal targets under recalculation – remaining lifelines (IE: days off) two

My heart leaps, as I remember my targets were based around … well let me tell you about my life this week and it will explain my target calculations.


Before I declared my hand and said hey I’m going to do the Nano there had been a lot of internal debate. I wanted to take part but was eaten up by the enormity of the task.

50,000 words

I was terrified of failing and therefore debated whether to start.

Then the November issue of Writing Mag arrived announcing on the front cover:


My prayers were answered – an instruction manual,  I like those. I turned to page 69 and read with comparative interest until I hit tip 13 – think in terms of 2,000 words a day across 25 days etc.

Lightbulb moment!  You see my life is a series of idioms at the moment. There are answers out there but sometimes we can’t see for looking. I don’t need to explain do I? Piece of cake springs to mind.

How many times do I need to learn the same lesson?

The answer it seems is many times because there I was 24 hours from the end of week two in the Nano and already talking of failure and curling up in bed of a morning instead of getting up and joining Abbas in the Writers World.

I shall tell you my story of not seeing the wood for the trees.

This week the clutch in my car declared its woeful state in a theatrical exhibition of no power as I attempted a steep incline in the pouring rain (actually it was raining cats and dogs).

After managing to regain control and limp up the hill with the smell of burning clutch in nose, I pulled over in the rain and screamed. Fortunately no one heard me.  I limped home carefully sticking to the slow lane.

You don’t need the detail so I’ll get to the point which is the cost of a new clutch. Wednesday morning and the bill loomed large in my head, the possibility of raising such a sum over and above my usual bills etc. intimidating me and reducing me to a snivelling wretch.

I allowed this one bill to release an inner pent up frustration and feeling of desperation with my current overall situation. I truly learned the meaning of the straw that broke the camel’s back and my God did this camel fall hard.

For 48 long hours I languished in my misery, inconsolable and with the € sign imprinted in front of my eyes like a Wile E Coyote cartoon with the $ sign on his eyeball popping out on a spring. The only difference my € sign was in no way amusing.

Friday morning I woke late, no Nano for me I was far too miserable. Walking faithful Muttley in the rain and relishing my melancholy, I reflected on my Nano and the story line, I recalled the feeling of excitement when my leading lady Fadila had made an appearance. I thought about what my next blog post would say and remembered my original fear and the Writing Mag inspired lightbulb moment.

Yep you’ve guessed it. I broke my problem down into bite sized chunks.

Result as follows:

  • Clutch ordered by mechanic ready for the final death event whenever it may be
  • Payment terms agreed
  • Crash course taken in how to get the most from a dying clutch driving skills
  • A comprehensive list of items for sale on facebook sites to fund clutch fund
  • Back to the bus

Oh yeah by the way the music blaring in the Nano stadium this week is:


This week you’ll have to click or guess, go on you’ll smile I’m sure.


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