It is Sunday my friends, the rain is pelting outside and yet I have no water inside!        That and the fact that I start this fine day 6,000 words short of this weeks personal NANO target should see me in a foul mood, but no, don’t flee I am high-spirited today.

I have notes re this blog entry, but they are incoherent to all but me EG: Halfway through Star Wars – what so you make of that I wonder?

Well you will have to wait until I am not 6,000 words behind and can concentrate on a proper blog entry to find out – sorry. For now I am taking the easy option and rather than let you down by not keeping our Sunday blog adventure I will post the first 500 words of my NANO novel, for that is what it is a novel, a real one. I am so excited. I hope you enjoy the first 500 words not to be confused with excerpt which is from the middle of the story.

Enjoy and please comment I relish the feedback.


“Abbas,” the girls scream echoed across the marble courtyard, the single word carrying a thousand years of torment and pain. The girl knew. Their life together was over. Her life as she knew it was over and Abbas, his life would almost certainly be ended by the sword of his father before sun up.

The soldier holding her arm tightened his grip and dragged her away, her feet refusing to assist and dragging along the marble floor, her sandals dropping off her slender feet one after the other, left as the final sign that her life had been present in this place. Her long chestnut curls fell loose from the hair band and their luxuriant beauty was freed to spill out over her shoulder lifting in the breeze as she was propelled from the palace courtyard presumably forever.

That single word and the image surrounding that scream haunted Abbas before she had even been dragged away from his embrace, it landed within his consciousness and settled cruelly, immediately letting the young man know it had taken up permanent residence. He would be haunted for the rest of his life – he knew that even as she was taken. His fate was sealed he was sure but that was of no consequence to him. The fate of the girl though, that concerned him. He accepted the image of her taking and the sound of her scream knowing it would be branded upon his soul for this and every life Allah granted him, in heaven or in hell. But not knowing Fadila’s fate? That he could not accept.

With a roar that erupted from the very depths of his soul Abbas tore away from the hold of the two soldiers. Not caring about his state of undress and taking his captors by surprise he managed to burst from their grasp.

“Fadila,” he screamed his eyes locking with hers for a fleeting final second before she was dragged out and away from his sight. So it was that she too had the mirror image of his own ghost imprinted into her soul, the final cry of her loved one and the sight of his handsome half-naked form reaching out for her.

He made to follow but managed no more than three long strides before the hilt of Malik’s dagger felled him with a brutal blow to his head. He stumbled, tripping over his own half discarded tunic, still trying to run even as unconsciousness took hold, his hand reaching out toward the space where his Fadila had last been seen.

He crashed to the floor.

            “By the grace of Allah I should have killed you then,” the blond-haired young man spat, his venom and hatred in full display. “I could have.” He shouted at the two stunned soldiers that had lost their grip on the young Abbas. “Resisting capture, and you two sheeps arses LET HIM GO.” This last boomed from the mouth of the young man, his dark eyes seething with anger.


normal blog services to be resumed shortly

Adios my friends, Xxx


14 thoughts on “FINDING FADILA – first 500 words

  1. What a great start Gill, action and suspense, love torn apart, and a desire for the reader to know more straight away. This is a gripping start to your novel and I defy anybody to not want to know what happens next. Your characters already have personalities and I would love to see how you develop these further. Great start.


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