Hello Folks,

I am back and a near normal service is resumed.

Nano is over and I am a winner: 50,062 words registered by the 30th November 2012.


I have loved the process and it has proved one thing to me, I can do this. I have what it takes to write a “proper” book. To me this term is defined by a standard sized paperback of average thickness IE: 1” or more.

My daily inspiration on my writing desk is a treasured copy of  Dead Virgins by Kevin Ashman which is 110,000 words. This is my benchmark and it feels right – no way is my story anywhere near told within the first 50,062 words.

The Writers World is in the process of dismantling the Nano arena and the leader board looks lost and lonely without the pom pom waving cheerleaders on the podium at its base. However, it refuses to stop its flashing announcements with the winner’s emblems and the final scores of the Nano Warriors, they are all there and the leader board has devised its own unique announcement routine.

“In the blue corner,” it announces and then goes on to cover the red corner, green corner, yellow corner, purple corner, white corner … You get my drift, how many corners all in all? I have lost count!

The atmosphere in here is a little sad actually, as I suspect the Nano arena is not the only thing being dismantled. The Writers World itself is coming to the end of its purpose and the various trappings are ebbing away and disappearing. The forests are gone already and the three lane highway has little traffic, my cherry red XK8 is still there on the side-line overseeing affairs but shows little interest in me.

I am an outsider in my own world.

It’s OK though, the Writers World was a place to hide and I am emerging out in the open of reality with less and less reason to need a place to hide.

Remember I mentioned the need to steer my blog toward a more professional reflection of the writer and author Gill Sainsbury? I think that process may be slowly underway, as I start to prepare to finish my first novel with my mind already scratching away at the itch that may be my second.

I have a long way to go but I have already travelled even further.

See you all soon.





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