For two full weeks I have wandered in the wilderness of desperation.

For fourteen days and fourteen nights I have stumbled through the desert of desperation.

For two full weeks I have not written a word of my NANO inspired novel, Finding Fadila.

I have searched the writing magazines for advice, consulted the oracle of the internet, referred to an ancient volume given to me by a well meaning friend – Start Writing Today.

I have soaked up the information and advice and ignored it, every word.

My dilemma?

For the first time I questioned my story, it’s too long, too slow, too many characters, too many story lines, it sucks.

My solution?

To sulk and skulk and stay in bed of a morning when I should be up before dawn telling my story.

My question to you all my friends.


Why do we do this?

Why do we torture ourselves?

We all know the resolution to the problem, its simple.

Three words, that’s all. All the mags and books and research come back to a very good friends constant mantra, three words.

Black on white.

My current status.

4,389 words written this weekend SO FAR of my wonderful NANO inspired novel, Finding Fadila.

My conclusion.

I love my story, it is too long and slow in places but that’s what an edit is for.

I am back and in the saddle.

What a waste of fourteen days and fourteen nights when I knew the answer all along.

Just write.

Black on White.

Adios mis amigos, happy writing Xxxx


5 thoughts on “The Writer’s Wilderness of Desperation

  1. I am particularly good at subjecting myself to various forms of torture, one half of my brain enjoys water boarding the other half. I’m slowly learning to ignore it but it is hard going sometimes.


  2. excellent post and extremely relevant for every writer at some time or another, for me – most of the time. My actual writing seems to have come to a complete standstill. I am so much more focused on helping others and on setting up my proofreading and editing service and trying to catch up with all my book reviews. My own writing is again taking a complete backseat.


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