My last blog was cathartic, purgative, totally cleansing! I can’t wait to tell you but first an anecdote and dedication.

Today I dedicate my words to a wonderful, kind, gentle man that has not been with me for many many years, my dad.

When I was 18, I was engaged to the wrong person for the wrong reasons and living in a restless skin that wanted so much more than my quiet suburban life living with my parents in Surbiton Surrey. I grabbed a copy of The Lady scoured the adverts and applied to an agency that placed  nannies. Very quickly I secured a years contract to look after two children for a German couple that lived on the outskirts of Munich.

Engagement off, ticket bought, notice given at work, mum and sister full of advice and shared wisdom, dad and brothers merely acknowledging the latest in my epic “adventures”. I was off, I really was.

Then two weeks before my departure the letter came. Very sorry but we are getting divorced so a nanny is not an option at this point, please forward the bill for your ticket and we will reimburse Etc.

I was devastated. I turned to my ever placid dad and poured my heart  out. He peered over the top of his Telegraph newspaper and listened without a hint of reaction. When I finally finished blubbering and snivelling at his knees he took my face in his hands and told me very simply that I would be fine, I would find my true course one day and to take away a lesson from this and never forget that life can turn on a sixpence.

Wow, how true is that?

You recall the fog of last week and my reference to market forces conspiring against me re the sale of my house. Well one week later I sit at the same desk and am overjoyed to tell you that my blog confessions banished the fog from my soul and allowed the light back in.

I have signed a year’s rental contract with for my house starting May 1st. This contract was agreed after long discussions based around my reluctance to rent and withdraw the property from the market and the people from Holland’s love of my house and desire to rent it as seen fully furnished. The terms of this contract are totally in my favour and it is structured to allow me to take the time to experience my dreams.

I have nine days to pack up my personal belongings and trawl through the memories of my wonderful life, just nine days – frightening but necessary for I have long been putting this chore off. Then I will stay with wonderful friends  whilst I strive to raise the funding that I will need to take up a six month volunteer position in Africa.

The house will remain on the market and the tenants will endeavour to help me sell it when people come to view retaining the rights to their having  first option. These people will also take on Muttley, my partner, friend and soul mate. I cannot describe the relief and peace of mind this gives me.


The best of both worlds springs to mind to describe this whirlwind event.  I cannot believe that these people are agreeing to this contract structured to my demands, they genuinely want to help me be able to do what I so badly want and need to do.  I have a year to start to find myself, a year that will help me develop as writer for sure. After that year?

Keep following, kind friends, and we will find out together.


22 thoughts on “Life can turn on a sixpence

  1. Wow! Gill- finally going your way-great news & such a relief for you concerning Muttley- will be with you every step
    of your journey- keep the sixpence


  2. awww, Gill, that is fantastic news. Well you certainly are doing what you really wanted to go to Africa, Muttley sorted. I truly think that Dennis is up there looking down, and saying ‘If that’s what my girl wants then my girl shall have it.’ So, so pleased for you Gill, 🙂 You deserve this xxxxxx


  3. I’m sure that even with wrong decisions we learn so much. And, of course, in some ways experiences like this bring families closer together. Renting or selling a house is never an easy option but now you’re this side of it (I see this post was written way back in April) and enjoying Tanzania I’m sure you can see all sorts of reasons for the way things have worked out! 🙂


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