Hello folks, friends and new and old followers,

Turn on a sixpence?

Hmmmm… for those nine crazy days before leaving behind my wonderful home of treasured memories and happy times, my life was in a constant pirouette on that sixpence and (apologies to Conrad Brand – I should have heeded your wise words) all on a broken toe! Remember the fateful Granada trip?

Crazy times – nine short days to pack up 35 years of memories and life – wow!

It would have been impossible without the help and support of good friends both here in Spain physically, virtually and on the end of a phone listening and encouraging. A special mention must be made to a lovely  lady called Mary-Jo who single-handedly wielded her crutches up the hill to my house (recent hip operation) deposited herself on my terrace and cling film wrapped and packed the hardest part of all. The result, three large packing boxes crammed with my photo albums – Wikipedia link for those who have never encountered such things in this digital age.

Incidentally MJ will be a future friend on these pages as she is a book in her own right, remind me to tell you about her ironing board one day (35 years old and internationally travelled), the ironing board I mean.

Last but most importantly, thanks must go to my son Paul for his last-minute white knight appearance from Norway and of course to his wonderful wife Maddie for making it possible. Paul’s arrival was so crucial for me, together with him I was able to pack away my past, say goodbye and truly look forward. Even better was his acceptance and blessing of my whirlwind decisions and future plans.

I really did not have time to dwell on anything, it just needed to be done and therefore it got done. It was crazy, it was stressful, but now, with hindsight, it was right.

On the evening before Paul’s return and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA36 hours before I was due to hand over the keys Paul, Muttley and I stood in the midst of the garden my husband and Paul’s Dad, Den, had loved so much. We had champagne in hand, memories on our tongues and tears in our eyes as we finally laid Den to rest and scattered his ashes over the rose we had planted in his memory fifteen months previously. Muttley remained still, poised and dignified throughout – I swear he is part human.

I will not dwell on this moment here, for it is private, but I will assure all that know me and had the honour of knowing Den, that this was the right place, time and setting. I had not been ready for that moment before now and it was completely appropriate to say my goodbyes to Den with our son at my side. He will remain in hearts and memory forever and he would have wanted to remain within his last happy home whilst blessing Paul and I to move on to the next chapter in our lives. This I know.

So – to the future. A very quick synopsis for now as my life is reeling from the continued pirouette but at least the toe is now receiving the attention it deserves!

I am installed with my wonderful friend Anita and her husband and beautiful 20 month old daughter Little Lady Sophie. I have invaded their home with numerous bags in tow and they have accepted me with love and open arms. they have pampered, spoiled and welcomed me into their home and for this I am eternally grateful. I have been so tired and exhausted the first week is a blurred memory of being looked after.

My plans for the future are now at the forefront of my thoughts and I am settled on either Tanzania or Ghana as my destination. More to follow my friends.

Finally a massive thanks to Jo Robinson for her nomination for the Super Sweet Blogging award, my sincere apologies for not having had time to respond more completely as yet.

Sorry for the long missive today and never fear my lovely friends all this upheaval and wittering will lead me further along the path to be published, I promise! It will just be long and winding one.

Until next time xxx


6 thoughts on “A Pirouette on a Sixpence

  1. Hi Gill, just to say Alan sends his love and best wishes and to say he has fond memories of the pair of you 🙂 I am glad it was done in a whirlwind, no time to worry or think too much. Sending Good luck, hugs, and love xxxxx


  2. It’s good to have friends (MJ & Anita at top) I’m completely ecstatic about your upcoming adventure. I wish for you all the best Gill. Keep smiling. Sharon


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