Hola Amigos,

I do not have internet access at my current place of abode and therefore cannot refer to my last entry, however that was in the long ago, as in recent past different life! That is how my life has been for the last two months, ever-changing, stressful but always fun.

I will confess to having more or less ignored my writing – as in novel / short story anthology / trilogy of long shorts. Oh yeah did I mention that? I have a plan. I must and will share.

  • ·         Pen name established and ready for publishing launch
  • ·         Decision made re what projects I will launch that publishing career with as below
  • ·         Complete re draft and overhaul of Finding Fadela to be full length novel numero uno
  • ·         Anthology of short stories
  • ·         Trilogy of long shorts featuring the Mayan Magic theme
  • ·         Work to be undertaken on completing these three project whilst travelling and publication via the self-publishing route to be simultaneous for all three projects

Some plan hey? What do you think? Ok back to life.

The long ago, recent different life of the past two months! During this time I have spent one month with each of two very good friends, both of whom have taken me in with all my clobber, without a word of complaint and open hearts. These “landlords” have been my first sponsors for my big adventure. Their kind agreement to share their homes with me has saved me renting my own place while I prepare and allowed me to focus on earning some much-needed cash to fund the various things I need to do before leaving for Tanzania.

After a bouncy ride over the last eight weeks, caused by financial constraints imposed by a banking system here that borders on corrupt, I have finally achieved a breakthrough by the use of threats of lawyers and have been granted access to my own money. Yes I know that doesn’t make sense but that is what happened and it is a tale I may tell at a later date, the pertinent point is I can now say with confidence I am going to Tanzania for six months voluntary placement in a children’s home / orphanage. Yippee.

I will turn this blog over to being my communications forum for life in Tanzania as it is an integral part of my journey to be published and I have no doubt I will find tremendous inspiration from my experience.

I have mentioned sponsorship and I will be asking those willing, to consider sponsoring my trip. The reason for this is to a) help me cover the basic costs of the trip and b) to raise extra funds and awareness of the home / orphanage where I will be working. I am in the process of finalising which of two organisations I will join and will post more information shortly. The basic costs for six months amount to approximately €3600 and I hope to raise double that amount between my own self-funding and sponsorship. I will fly BA (with the help of air miles accumulated in another life) so that I can have the luxury of two suitcases of 23kg each. One for me and one for the kids, once my placement is confirmed I will get a real-time list of needs to fill this case.

My sponsorship programme will invite you to sponsor me for a day, week, month, half day or whatever you are comfortable with. A day works out at €25 and in exchange I will undertake to provide a personalised note of events on that day in my travels. The idea is you sponsor a date important to you IE partner’s birthday and I respond with a personalised greeting from Tanzania on that day or as close to it as local conditions allow. Days available are from October 1st 2013 to April 1st 2014. My actual travel dates will be confirmed shortly but will encompass this period as a minimum.

Anyone wanting to get involved can do so via pay pal but please also register by messaging me through this site also so I can keep account of who, when, how much and have contact details. The funds will be kept in a separate Africa Trip account and overseen by a close friend and wizard with such things, Anita. She will ensure that every sponsorship amount is properly recorded and accounted for. The link to the paypal account is     

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

I will post in more detail for those wanting to understand the issues in Tanzania and also share the poignant story of Lanta, a victim of human trafficking who was subjected to forced labour from a very early age and then sexually abused and beaten by her captor. Thanks to organisations such as the ones I hope to work alongside she was finally rescued and is now being taught skills to help her to make her own way in Tanzania for a better future. Lanta’s story pierced my heart and led to my decision to dedicate at least six months of my life to this issue.

Hasta luego.


2 thoughts on “I am on my way … Tanzania calling

  1. An amazing adventure awaits you, I think you will have to add another a book to your projects list though, a daily diary of things you have seen, people to commemorate and lessons to be learned. I look forward to your updates.


    1. Thanks Adele, you know that is a very valid point and one I will consider seriously. Have been so busy getting to the point where I can definitely go haven’t had time to contemplate what to do with the experience!!


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