Dear All,

I am very proud to announce my acceptance for the above role with a wonderful charity organisation that does some truly amazing work with helping the street children that are a regular feature of life in Tanzania.

Meet the AMANIKIDS here.

My role will be to support the wonderful work being done by the teachers at Amani (peace in Swahili) and to help and encourage the kids with their English. This is a role that I feel I have a lot to offer and am looking forward to getting out to Amani, meeting the kids and the team and getting stuck in.

Amani is in  Moshi which sits at the base of the amazing Mount Kilimanjaro and I am in the final process of booking flights to arrive mid September and return April 2014. There is a lot to be done, numerous inoculations, medical insurance, leaving my affairs in Spain secure with power of attorney handed issued just in case you or anyone else decides to buy my lovely home!

I feel strongly about the issues that kids face daily in Tanzania and other countries and I want to learn about the reasons behind the problems. I hope that you will join me on my journey via this blog so that we can help raise awareness of the issues together. After 15 months researching voluntary opportunities I am completely confident in the bona fide’s of Amani and the work that they do. I have applied for this position formally, direct with Amani, paying no middle men along the way. I need to arrange my own accommodation (with help from the Amani team) and have several choices incorporating hostels, home stays with a Tanzanian family and/or renting accommodation. I have decided to start my trip with two weeks in a hostel and get to know the ropes before settling on a final long term solution but I would love to completely immerse myself in the local community by staying with a local family.

I will have internet access and good communications so this blog will be kept up to date regularly. Also this means I can undertake to acknowledge all sponsored days by e-mail on the day or as close as work allows. I am hoping to use my sponsor a day programme as my first English Club project and get the kids involved in my commitment to sponsors. This needs final approval from the Amani team but I am certain I will be able to organise something along these lines.

For full details of the sponsorship programme see the dedicated page, but in summary I am asking that anyone who reads this and would like to help me achieve my goal of seven months in Moshi with excess funds for the charity to sponsor me for a day. This costs £20 and all funds will go toward my basic costs of travel and accommodation (this is totally self funded) and all excess will be administered by me on site at the home. The idea is to pick a day important to you, IE a birthday, anniversary etc and I will acknowledge your sponsored day with a personal missive from Tanzania.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque, bank transfer or paypal direct to my UK account which is being used solely for this purpose. If you want bank account details please email me at

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4 thoughts on “Library Assistant / English Club Volunteer

  1. Hi Gill, a wonderful experience and it is great that you chose Tanzania because I think tanzanians are lovely people, much much nicer than kenyans. Moshi is a lovely wee town and Arusha nearby is the BIG town although very touristy because of a certain mountain, there is also a great wee minibus from Arusha to Nairobi twice a day, i once went on the daily regular bus from Arusha to Dar es Salaam, not to be repeated. I once thought of living in Tanzania and I used to do a lot of agricultural business and have written a story all about it, best of luck to you and I am sure you will return a different person.


    1. Hi Monty, Tanzania was a sentimental choice for me as my husband bought me a replacement engagement ring in 2004 after I lost the stone from the original ring. We were in Cape town and chose a tanzanite which I love and cherish dearly. I would love to read your story some time, I am sure this experience will help me find myself as a person and sincerely hope to make this the first of many voluntary trips! The bus service from Nairobi has been a suggested arrival route but I am a little nervous on my own so am trying to elect for a flight into Kilimanjaro. Any comment re this from a seasoned traveller would be welcome!!!!


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