Good morning one and all,

It is that time again and I bet you have missed me!

Some updates.

Sponsorship Update 27 days covered

I would again like to thank all sponsors for their kind and valued help. I know there are more sponsorship requests in the pipeline. A sincere and heartfelt thanks to you all. The Amani team have posted me some special drawings from the kids to say thank you and I will be distributing these as soon as they arrive to as many sponsors as I can.

I have also agreed to a monthly newsletter by post for a few people who do not have access to the internet to follow the blog. I intend to post on the blog at least every two weeks but can only commit to monthly postal updates (in exchange for at least a day’s sponsorship).

Don’t miss out, still plenty of days to go, click here and sign up.

Jet setting life update

I am back in Spain having wrenched myself away from the grandkids a few days after our return to Bergen from Cyprus. This was hard. This gave me a taste of what is to come, emotionally.

Although I am used to not seeing the kids, Paul and Maddie for long periods at a time, this is different. I won’t be a four hour flight away. I felt it and I know Paul did too. The kids? Well they had their friends and their lives and holiday stories to tell, as is right and correct and the way a child’s life should be. Full of fun and safe.

So, after a very teary flight home I returned to get organised with a vengeance. I have four full weeks at work which means the big adventure fund should receive a boost and also the cost of all the extra bits such as inoculations can be covered. As a side note it is a good job I came back early as Spain seems to have run out of the typhoid fever vaccine and I have had to wait for an emergency request to be actioned! Only thing left to be done is Malaria tablets and mosquito nets which I am sorting out next week.

General update

The nerves have kicked in!

Now that it is a fact, I am booked and going and not “a plan”,  the trepidation monster has been riding my back like a good ‘un!

Can I do this? What shoes should I take? Will I cope? How will I deal with being in a dormitory along with other people? What happens after the two weeks at the hostel?

See how the worries focus on the big stuff like shoes?

All perfectly normal I am sure, perhaps everyone gets a free trepidation monster with every booking!

After a few days wresting with the beast who seemed to be manacled to my back and refusing to budge, I found the magic key to make him disappear. I confessed to my worries. Yeah I know, we have all been told it a million times a problem shared is a problem halved but who listens to their Granny anyway? You do Stephany, Skylar and Damien – but that,s different, that,s me GranGill!!

Anyway the beast is still lurking, I can see him out of the corner of my eye but I am determined not to let him creep up on me again!

Incidentally in case you are worrying as well my friends:

Yes I can do this, I will cope to the best of my ability, the dorm environment will be a giggle and I will make new friends, Amani have already sourced me potential accommodation for after the first two weeks and OK you win my friend (Lorraine) the heels stay behind and sensible walking shoes are in order!

Other news

I am proud to announce that I have had a short story published in a charity anthology which has a message and purpose close to my heart.

Write for Light

This book contains 36 stories written by ordinary people telling their tale of “finding the light”. That special moment when you realise and / or overcome. we all have those moments in our life stories and this is an amazing collection.  My humble tale features alongside greats such as Nico’s Story by my very good friend and fellow writer Conrad Brand. Nico’s story tells of a miracle and this story restores faith, it truly tells of a miracle. Enough said buy the book and read it for yourself. Also the first story or Foreward to the book is for me highly inspiring because the bookj was conceived by a volunteer in Ghana who found working with the kids a life changing experience and has now helped to raise funds for a children’s home. That is where all proceeds go so please support this book, it is my first published work and for a great cause.

So good people that is it for today. I have not forgotten two promises made of late, Lanta’s story and Why Tanzania. These will follow shortly I promise and if you want to be sure to receive them please click on the follow button. I want to take as many people with me to Tanzania as possible.

Be happy,



4 thoughts on “The Trepidation Beast

  1. I think one pair of boots is enough! Having trundled around Nepal with everything except the kitchen sink I can definitely confirm the high heels should stay behind (not that I even contemplated wearing high heels in Nepal). Spain has run out of typhoid fever vaccine! Wow! There’s such a lot going on in your blog it’s hard to know where to start…


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