Good morning my friends,

One month under my belt and wow, what a lot has happened!

I ask myself what has made the most the most impact in my first month?

The reply, of course, is very quickly given as “the kids”. But I don’t let myself be so glib. How can I summarise the impact of my experience to date for my friends and blog followers?

                               Are you blogees? Tell me please! I am a blogger so there must be a modern word for the readers of my blog?

Bloggees and bloggesses perhaps!

Back to the point and here it is – the simple things – that is what these kids are about, that is what life here is about and that is what I have learned to appreciate very quickly.


2013-10-13 16.10.31

Recognise this?

Draughts, when did you last get the board out and play draughts?

Can children today play draughts? Do they?



Bottle tops, chalk on the sidewalk   – hey presto hours of fun!




Monday mornings is acrobatics class.  Nothing needed – just the dusty playground.

Balancing on a tyre and then walking across the basketball pitch is another great one!

2013-08-28 17.31.182013-08-28 17.31.00

Simple crayons and a piece of paper. Give these kids the chance to draw and they are off.


Traffic jams!!!

Which one do you prefer?DSCN0451







So many people wanting to “hold my feet”!  I discovered the greeting I receive most often, shikamoo, literally translates as this!

Hand washing – yeah OK I confess I don’t have to this for myself!

Taking a moment for a prayer of thanks before each meal. I love to watch the kids give thanks before any meal or snack. And you know what? Putting religious connotations to one side, it’s not a bad idea to just slow down at meal times and take stock of the food on your plate and where it came from.

Dala Dala’s that cost so little, cram so many bodies into a tight space and accept chickens, sacks of goods or other livestock with a smile.

Walking, even if it is a dust challenge each time! The greetings of all I pass, especially the kids, all of whom want to say hi and grab the hand of the new white face on the block.

No TV.

Little G (name withheld for privacy) spotting me on my way to Amani as she’s walking to attend the local primary school, sponsored by the Amani donors. When she ran the 100 yards to greet me calling Teacher Gill Hey hey and threw herself into my arms.


The end of my first week in the library
The end of my first week in the library

Farewell my friends, more soon. xxx

Sponsorship days are still available and funds will shortly be channelled directly into Amani to directly help feed, clothe and educate the kids.  Click here for payment options.


3 thoughts on “THE SIMPLE THINGS

  1. Oh yeah forgot to mention this one! I asked of a neighbour in my very best text book Swahili ” Where do you buy your eggs?” I expected something similar to: “Well W******* are organic and very good but then again S********’s are half the price and fine …What I got was a flurry of activity on the mobile. End result … So and so round the corner has 16 laid fresh this morning, she’s bringing them round!” THE SIMPLE THINGS xxx


  2. Yes, what a refreshing outlook on things. There was a really interesting BBC documentary once where they gave kids nothing but Victorian toys. You know what happened after a week? They kept the Victorian toys in preference to their Game Boys! Glad you’re still enjoying it and the eggs are fresh! ;~)


    1. So trur.I have a vague memory of David Bechkham being reported as commenting in a similar vein after his son had attended some sort of camp without TV or internet etc. Can’t remember fully but I know he was surprised when his son announced that actually it had been more fun than all the techno stuff. Can’t remember exactly but that was the jist. I don’t usually follow celebs so no idea why I have that trivia in my head!!!

      PS Wow what a difference a fresh fresh egg makes!!!! discovered a local veg market this morning where all the produce is grown organically on the side of the mountain and brought to market once a week, fab stuff. May just go veggie while I am here!!!!


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