Happy Sunday my Friends,

To set the scene, my thanks to Class B for their music recommendations, here is the first, I hope you enjoy it as much I do.


Finally after five weeks at Amani and as many plus four days in Tanzania, I have formed a rough idea of idea of what I want to try to achieve with my blog! Thanks to all of you for your support and following and I have taken on board the comments and requests I have received, these are for news of:

  • My night in Arusha with the Social Worker experiencing the grass-roots of the issues the Amani children face
  • The back story to how the children end up on the street
  • The reunification programme in more detail
  • Accounts of the success stories that have come through the Amani system
  • My day-to-day experiences within my roles as Library Assistant and English Club Volunteer.

I hope to cover all these things through my posts plus a bit about my life in general.

To date I have been scribbling my daily experiences and thoughts in a variety of places, my travel journal, my daily notebook, as short stories, as a day in the life type e-mails for friends. I hope to condense all these scribbling and come up with a workable format that is interesting reading for you.

I have to take several issues into consideration and it is these issues that have caused my lack of direction to date:

  • The privacy of the children
  • How I represent Amani professionally to reflect it as the successful and genuine NGO that it is
  • What I want to achieve or what influence/impact I want my words to have on you, the reader
  • Avoiding my blog being my personal emotional sounding board and purely selfish

My agenda will take you through the three cycles of the Amani process as I experience them. IE:

  • RESCUING CHILDREN   my account of my night in Arusha and the back story to the overall issue of why are there are street children
  • RESTORING HOPE           what I see going on daily on my attempts to contribute to the process
  • TRANSFORMING LIVES the reunification programme, success stories, Graduation Day and what that means to the children’s futures

Like all good stories this one will start at the beginning and will take the form a short story which will be heavily influenced by what I experienced and what I have read and heard about life on the streets for these kids. It is not intended as a factual account of my experience, it will be a fictional story based around facts.

A final word as to what I hope to achieve.

Awareness and caring is the simple somewhat glib response.

Those of you that have known me professionally or have worked alongside me are now cringing and thinking.

“Here it comes, she’ll go for the close now!”

But no. If anyone of you ever decided that what you have seen or heard from me inspired you enough to want to help by coming out here as a volunteer or on a short-term holiday / visit I would be delighted. If anyone decided they would like to commit to helping the Amani kids financially that would be fantastic and I will advise on how and what. I will point out some worthwhile causes from time to time and ask you consider supporting, but over and above that no. Your company and interest is all I ask for, anything more you want to give is up to you.

I will say that I have received tremendous support financially via my Sponsor a Day programme and shortly I will publish the figures along with my commitment to match the sponsorship funds by way of a donation. Without the sponsorship I would not have made it here, in truth I came on a shoestring budget! Those that have provided a monthly commitment have no idea what a life saver that has been for me personally in my first few weeks.

My personal circumstances have taken a positive turn which will shortly result in my being able to thank my sponsors in the most appropriate way and donate their funds.

       And yes to those close to me personally, this does mean I will look at staying in Tanzania longer! Well spotted Jenny.

This is what is to come my friends; I need to put some order to my scribbling for your sakes and mine! I trust you approve, however, as always please let me know. I cannot emphasise enough how wonderful it is to turn on my computer and see that I have comments on a blog post, it means a lot to me as do the e-mails.

Happy Sunday my Friends, I hope you stick around for the ride.


4 thoughts on “My Blog Agenda

  1. I don’t think we could ask for a more noble goal than awareness and caring. Speaking as a trained anthropologist, you seem to have all the kit except… no audio recorder. You may well have one and just not have mentioned it (indeed I may have missed it) but it’s essential for this kind of project. What we now know through experience is that we tend to filter our accounts in notes, jottings, scribblings and emails but when we compare our impressions with the verbatim recording we often find things were not quite as we saw them at the time. Keep up the tremendously good work!


  2. Hi Gill. Thanks for all the e-mails – I’ll reply soonest. With regard to the above – can I just ask you to remember your Business training. Take just a few minutes to think about a SMART objective and some ‘deliverables’. Have an idea of how you will measure you achievement and finish the Project. All a bit serious I know but ….. . Don’t forget YOU, and YOUR family and friends! Xx Sheila


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