2014 has landed.

Another year has closed and with it many pages in the book of life turn over to gratefully find themselves with a clean sheet and the chance to start anew.

Many blogger friends have deleted all previous posts thus providing that clean sheet, many people across the globe have made resolutions; some frivolous, some desperate, some life changing but all meaningful to that person at that time and all about that proverbial clean sheet.

Book One – Rescuing Children has come to a natural close, leaving me to speculate on those blank pages ahead and dwell upon the second part of my journey at Amani, Restoring Hope.

2014 has landed and I greet her, for the first time in several New Year’s past, with a spring in my step and joy in my heart.

No – I will not delete the pages of this roller coaster road map of my life this past two plus years, but, I have updated the About Me page as it gives the wrong vision of the person that I have become.

Yes – I set resolutions, none of them interesting enough to bore you with!

Book One Rescuing Children – Hmmm… tons to think about. Again I say to all you wonderful followers that have encouraged and supported me in my Tanzanian adventure by reading this blog:

“I ain’t no saint. These kids and the experiences I am lucky enough to be a part of are rescuing me.”

Restoring Hope… well more on that to follow but I know for a fact that the system that works so effectively at Amani lives up to its mantra and I hope that I can contribute effectively to this next chapter.

For me, Amani has already spun its magic. I am on the road to believing in my future and experiencing hope.


OK so why has it been so long since I graced your eager eyes with my literary visions of life!

The need for a return trip to Spain to finalise some legal issues re property, the need to visit an ophthalmologist as the diagnosed cataracts I had were worsening (no let’s be honest here I actually thought there was a bigger eye problem causing my poor sight!).

From here on in it reads like an episode of a soap opera – cataracts cannot be ignored, operation required on at least one eye immediately, three days in Spain instead of three weeks, six hours on a plane due to the communications crisis resulted in missing said operation, rescheduling of op meant no return prior to Xmas and so may as well get both eyes done, crazy internet and computer facilities at my dear Brother’s house which meant I couldn’t access Wi-Fi for the laptop and neither could I access my Dropbox docs on his computer as it REFUSES to open word docs in any shape or format!

Getting my drift? It goes on! What is with the weather in UK? Not able to wash my hair or get water near my eyes for a total of minimum four weeks, huh? No way Jose, had to figure that one out! Total inability to find a welcoming home for my Christmas cheer in a Children’s ward or charity Christmas dinner at short notice and their requirement that my reindeer hats were packaged and sterile! Never mind said hats safely in suitcase for 2014 Xmas Day in Tanzania. Oh yeah I will still be out there this time next year. Brief trip to see Grandkids and Co in Norway affected by time warp resulting in time going at double-quick speed, flight home punctuated by the eviction of some sort of undesirable person being dragged down the walkway onto the plane by burly Norwegian Policemen. Realisation that I have reached that point in my life my Mum warned me about and the said policemen looked too young to be in the job!

Conclusions to this blip in my life plans – wow isn’t life colourful? My sight is amazing, I will truly be a new Madam Jellie on my return to Amani, no more embarrassing moments as I truly could not see well enough to recognise the kids individually.My faith has been restored in the goodness of mankind and efficient customer service teams that listen to individuals – thanks to both British Airways and KLM for their efficient and generous responses to my requests for  assistance re flight delays and re scheduling. Definite plans to extend my stay. Confidence as I face 2014 with a clear focus and as stated before joy in my heart.

Four days and counting down to my return flight.

Adios my friends, until next time XXX.



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