I’m back. I’m home. I made it.

I feel like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music and if I could, I would right now, rush out of the house and run up the nearest mountain (Kilimanjaro at 6,000 metres) and burst into song. But I can’t, so let’s settle for a blog post instead. I think you get the idea or at least I hope you do. I’m home and I’m happy.

The weather is glorious and I am assured that January and February will be hot hot hot. This, as most of you know, suits me fine and dandy, thank you very much. Arriving back on Friday leaves me a long weekend to settle in, restock the fridge and prepare for Amani’s first day of term on Monday. Perfect.

My first job was to spring clean and reorganise my bedroom. I now have my writer’s nook where I can scribble away at all times of the day and night without disturbing or being disturbed by my house mate or mates. The wonderful house I am lucky to rent a part of has the capacity for three volunteers and so my time here will be punctuated with company, currently I have one “roomie” or whatever the in word is nowadays. This clean up done I collapsed in a heap and slept. For the first time ever sleep had eluded me on the plane and I cat napped only sporadically.

My writer’s nook, a small corner of the room and facing a wall, but I don’t need views. I have plenty in my mind’s eye and it works overtime without a fuss. 2014-01-12 07.53.08 On the shelf above my writing space I have my collection of favourites for kids, Rumpelstiltskin, Wind in the Willows, Puss in Boots etc. These are mixed amiably with a Peter Straub, Clash of the Titans, Gill’s Travel Log, Elaine McKenna’s Little Book of Inspiration, photo albums with printed images from my before life and my most prized possession – my achievement to date – The Laws of Nature.

The Laws of Nature is a real short story, as in 5,000 words, and tells the tale of Christo, a sad, confused and rebellious teenager who thinks he knows better than his elders. The story opens as Christo witnesses the death of his younger sister, Landi, and closes many years later once Christo has had his adventures, narrowly missed joining his sister in the land of the Gods and has grown to understand the Laws of Nature and accept the wisdom of his elders.

The Laws of Nature is my first real published work and it provided me with that long sought after thrill of seeing my name in print as the author of a published work. I cannot describe my feelings of pride and joy at that moment. Those nearest and dearest to me have received a copy for Christmas and I trust they will treasure it as it sits forgotten on their bookshelves or tucked away in a cupboard, but mark my words, they will all remember when I am a successful author and my story will re-emerge into their lives with renewed pride!

My story sits proudly on page 137 of a wildlife anthology entitled Plight of the Rhino by Springbok Publications. It has many story brothers with exciting titles such as Fedha Nguvu and The Eagle’s Kingdom each of which remains no more than 5,000 words a piece. It also has some treasured poetry sisters with enticing names such as The Alpha and the Omega and Is this the End?  Bite sized stories for comfortable reading by a mixture of successful and fledgling authors, all of whom have had their work vetted, edited and scrutinised closely before being allowed entry into the hallowed pages of this fine anthology. I am honoured to have my story accepted but also proud because it is a good story and I believe it will always stand up proud and hold its own as my “first ever” in my future showcase of published works.

Plight of the Rhino has a theme and all proceeds go to the Save the Rhino fund, the stories within all reflect some aspect of the senseless killing and unlawful poaching of the world’s fabulous creatures that are our neighbours on this planet. I wonder if you can guess which of the world’s creatures Christo is?

My Author’s Bio states:

She (me – Gill) feels strongly about the issues of human cruelty and wonders why a small percentage of mankind has to abuse the gift of life and slaughter magnificent beasts such as the rhino or force children out onto the streets to beg or steal instead of providing them with an education.”

A heartfelt question and one that still sits heavily on my soul.

My blog currently shows you the plight of street children and opens your eyes to one aspect of mankind’s cruelty, my story and its brothers and sisters within this fine anthology are singing for their supper by providing you with good reading and entertainment whilst supporting a worthy cause.

For £10 or less than a fiver on Kindle you can help to make a difference, learn which of the world’s creatures Christo is and travel the world through these wonderful stories’ backdrops, (South Africa lends a clue to my own tale). Finally, and importantly, your £10 purchase will mean that you too can proudly be the owner of Gill Sainsbury’s first ever published work!

Less than 24 hours to go until I am back with the kids!

2013-10-30 12.52.46

I’m back. I’m home, I’m happy.

With thanks and love as always my friends. Xxx


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