Happy Tuesday my friends and followers,

You don’t usually see me mid week I know. Most of you will be eyeing your e-mail notification box with suspicion.

“What’s she up to now? What random tangent is Gill’s mind off on today?”

I want to pose a question to you, one that resonates with me because of my current role as a volunteer working in a developing country. I want to pose it today because if it resonates with you then you have one week to join in an amazing on-line network of like-minded people.

Would you agree with any of the following three statements regarding the challenges the world faces now:

  1. There is a big gap between our good intentions and our actions.
  2. Our problems are connected, but we are not.
  3. The world is full of good ideas that don’t spread quickly enough.

If you do, then I invite you read An Invitation for Practical Dreamers by Ami Dar.

Then it is up to you, but if like me, the possibility of linking the sheer force of over 18.900 people across 145 countries goes a long way to addressing point 2, then hop on board, Will you join us.

Idealist is the site that spearheaded my many months research into volunteering and eventually led to my current placement within Amani. Now its founder Ami Dar has another vision for the future and is providing the backdrop for us all to take the opportunity to join together and start to make a difference.

I hope to see you there.

Now my friends I must leave you to your own decisions. I have a job to do and a farewell to say, today is the day I watch the Amani gates close behind a street boy as he heads off with his social worker to greet his own new life, reunified with his family after six months within Amani. It is time for the story of Joshua to move onto the final phase of the Amani process.

Transforming Lives.

Until next time my friends, be happy, be healthy, be thankful. Xxxx


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