To summarise Joshua’s story in relation to the core principles of  Amani:

RESCUING CHILDREN        Finding Joshua back on the streets of Arusha with a plastic water bottle containing glue and bringing him back to Amani with us on the bus ride from hell

RESTORING HOPE                Witnessing Joshua’s awesome smile return as he settled into Amani and became an Elephant

TRANSFORMING LIVES    Reunification –  I will let Amani tell you about this aspect and I think it is time to  meet “Joshua” in real life. Please click on the link to meet Alfani.


So my story comes to a close, neatly coinciding with the end of my original contract period with Amani. It has been an awesome experience and there is still a lot to tell but for now the story closes. Immigration rules and regulations allowing, I sincerely hope to extend my stay at Amani.

Personally I have travelled far during the past seven months, least of all the measurable air miles I have clocked up. I will remain in Tanzania and dearly hope to fulfill my original plan of setting aside two years to volunteer / complete my novel.



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10 thoughts on “THE END OF THE STORY

  1. It’s been a wonderful story full of highs and lows. Just the glimpse there of the plastic water bottle with glue in it… Tragic. But there are some magical photos and memories here. I love the brotherly image of the two boys. Well done for your work raising so much awareness of this subject.


    1. I could fill the blog will wonderful pictures i really could! Yes it has been an up and down journey but the highs outweigh the lows. I am looking forward to organising a new chapter in my Tanzanian journey now. So stick around for the ride! Xxxx


  2. Hi Gill

    You only look 30, what is your secret. Any recipes apart from water.

    Dont forget when you do come back my delicious honey.

    Love Pat xx


  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey, Gill! You have taken me on the ups and downs of life at Amani through your superb volunteering and fantastic blog updates. I have laughed. I have cried. I have reflected. I have hurt. I know the journey you have just encountered will be the making of you. You’re one of the angels on earth, doing their fantastic work! You are a wonderful person, and I am priviledged to have the pleasure of knowing you (if only virtual) 😉


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