Wednesday April 30th 2014 – A Significant Day.

The sun came out and honoured the day chasing away the much-needed rains of the recent weeks. For me personally this was good, very good. I cannot cope with what my landlady (that sounds so strange to me now, she is my Mama) affectionately calls Tanzanian Snow – Mud. Mud like most of you, or at least those who are my physical bodied friends living in the sunny climes of Spain and even those struggling with the wiles of the English weather, have never experienced. Not even my wonderful family in the wettest city in Europe, Bergen, not even you can imagine Tanzanian Snow. Maybe there are many amongst my new virtual friends that can smile and understand exactly what I mean. Mud AKA Tanzanian Snow – a blog post for the future!

Today I say goodbye to the special people both big and small at the Amani Centre for Street Children. Today I take a brave step and leave behind the support, structure and organisation that has shielded me from the day-to-day experiences of some of the harsher aspects of daily life in a third world country that struggles to face the challenges of  poverty. Life within the walls of Amani is a good one with food, love, health care and shelter and it has been an honour to work within those walls for the last seven months. Today, with fear and trepidation in my heart I must go through the heart warming and heart breaking process of Goodbye.

I know that it is really au revoir. I am not leaving Moshi and I am certain that I will walk through the gates and visit Amani again but I will never again be there as their Madame Jelli or Super Gill, as a part of their daily life. I will become a visitor.

IMG_6401I chose to keep my final day a busy one with English Club classes and the culmination of a competition which allowed me the opportunity to hand out prizes to the winners and special achievers. Keeping busy was a good decision.

These two pictures have more value to me than any Van Gogh or De Vinci. This moment was about achievement against all the odds. This young man, Baraka, has allowed me to work alongside him twice weekly in the Special Needs classroom. and the progress he has made truly deserves recognition. IMG_6707

For me this young man is the overwhelming epitome of what Amani is about, Rescuing Children, Restoring Hope and Transforming Lives. He carries with him a massive chunk of my heart.

April has also marked the end of my co volunteer and house mate G’s time at Amani and he came back to join in the fun of my last day. As I commented in my last post, I have reflected on the past twelve months of my life a lot of late and the changes in my life and the new inner strengths I have discovered within myself never cease to amaze me. Suddenly sharing a house with a 24-year-old Applied Psychology student with a Dutch name which is completely unpronounceable  is one of the things that I didn’t know I could cope with.Our shared time at Amani and within the house is perhaps summed up by these photos. In short we created the Super Heroes holiday fun and games for the kids. We had fun.










My last day contains many happy memories and I am grateful to G and Sara for their photographic records of the day. These are simply awesome and I will share a selection with you here.

There were many poignant moments with special messages from special people but they are not for sharing. I will let the pictures paint a thousand words as I record this important day and make my final thanks and good byes to Amani.


IMG_6464                                  IMG_6489 IMG_6515                                IMG_6538

IMG_6587                               IMG_6519

Of course there was dancing …

IMG_6624            IMG_6646              IMG_6651

IMG_6694                                                  IMG_6710

And finally … GOODBYE







8 thoughts on “A Significan Day – We Had Fun

  1. Fantastic Gill – I do not know you very well at all, but I am so enjoying following your writing about AMANI.
    You are clearly one amazing lady ! enjoy the next stage of your “adventure” !
    Take care
    Helen xx and Murray


    1. Ohhh, Thanks so much for taking the time to follow my travels and comment here. It makes the world of difference. Wishing you both the very best of everything that life has to offer. We may not know each other well but you have guys have been friends and offered me amazing help and support. Be happy xxx.


  2. I keep reading your journal and I hope your life continues to be full of interesting adventures and experiences, although we need to come back to ‘normal’ again or at least from time to time. Sheila and Mick are friends of mine and it is from them that I heard about your idea in the first place of wanting to go to Africa to volunteer and Sheila also keeps me up to date.
    All the very best and continued good luck with whatever you do next.


    1. Thank you Lis for following my journey. Any friend of Mick and Sheila is a welcome friend to me. Glad you are enjoying the journey and there is plenty more to come of that I am sure!


    1. Thanks as always. There are so many special memories and so many special little people! Hope to start at my new project next week, It will be vastly different and extremely challenging. So stick around for the ride my friend!


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