Three Mamas with big hearts

That is the founding principle of the Good Hope Support Organisation as I see it. Three ordinary Tanzanian women, each of whom have their own difficult life story to tell, lives which accept living with poverty as the norm and abject poverty as commonplace.

2014-05-16 10.56.18

I have no idea how these women have managed to scrape together the wherewithal to do what they do on a daily basis. They started in 2011 and have remarkable tales of achievements within that time. In all that time the mamas have not been paid a penny or even Tanzanian shilling (which has much less value that a good old penny), they fuel the operation on their love and passion and this has inspired the many volunteers that pass through their doors to go home and “do something” to help. I thank each and every one of them for that support.

By committing to a long-term contract with the mamas – I hope to remain here until the end of 2015 – I hope to offer them my personal support, experience of sales and marketing, love and some basic business skills. I want to provide a framework for a stable and regular fundraising campaign so that the tremendous achievements of the past three years can grow in a sustainable way.

I want to find a way to provide a simple breakfast each morning for the twenty-six children that come to the “school” and are falling asleep by 11am, having been up since 6am with no more than a cup of sweet tea in their bellies.

I want those children to each have an exercise book to write in, one for each subject we teach them.

I want the volunteer teachers to have access to a copy of the Teacher’s Manual that lays out the lesson plans as laid down by the Tanzanian Education Department.

2014-05-30 10.02.01

I would love to see the children sat at simple desk chairs where they can write properly instead of perching their scraps of paper on their knees which results in a scribbled text.

I want to be there to witness and help ensure that Yvonne moves onto college to become a teacher, Athumani a taxi driver, Violet a cook, Zuhura a doctor and Mwanahawa a lawyer.

2014-05-16 11.03.40

I want to honour the memory of Thomas and ensure that no child born within the organisation’s reach with a “simple congenitive defect” has to suffer a too short life because of lack of medical attention. See previous post Sh** Shouldn’t Happen.

This, my friends, is my game plan for the next eighteen months. I will during that time further my writing career and THE BOOK will be published. There will be tales of heartache and woe but there will be many more of love, kindness and generosity of spirit. Those three core values are the backbone of the Tanzanian people who I meet and work along every day.

I challenge you all to remain with me on this journey and to help me make a difference where I can.

With love and wishing you all happiness, until next time. Xxx

If you would like to know more about how you can help me help them,

please contact me via the comments box below.


7 thoughts on “My Game Plan

  1. Excellent game plan, sustainability of funds will be a huge bonus to this worthy challenge. How much are exercise books out there? How many subjects do you teach each child? I should be able to send you enough money to cover the exercise books for all subjects for one child. I know one book for each subject won’t last the whole year and there are still 22 other children to get books for but I hope this will help. Message me and let me know how I can do this for you.


    1. Bless you Adele, am working out costs in GBP and will message you. Although sending stuff is greatly appreciated buying locally also stimulates the community economy so it is definitely the preferred option where possible. OMG I simply do not think in £ anymore. I have to live by a TZ budget and am immersed in shillings but just worked out average cost per book less than 0.90pence! At the moment the main subjects we teach daily are English Maths and so 2 books per student would be a fantastic start. LOL I can’t believe that!


  2. A great plan, Gill. And very generous of you to give the commitment of your time and effort to the project. With self-sacrifice such as yours, wonderful things can happen. I wonder, would it interest some of your pupils to exchange postcards (in English) with children from my Empress Mentewab School in Ethiopia? We recently began a Postcard Club here (just four members at present, aged 8 to 10). Let me know what you think.


  3. Hi Gill I so admire the good work you are doing and love following your blog! I want to help you with what I can so let me know what is best for you whether it be money, books or something else. xx


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