My life in a fairy tale continues.

We have met the kids that are protected in my everyday  fairy tale and we have spoken of the dragons that hunt them. There is a castle and real life knights, which I have referred to. So what of the Castle Good Hope?

It is ramshackle and basic, it may not have electricity  but it has walls that defy the hardiest dragon.


It is truly an enchanted place and is protected by the spell of love symbolised by its three talismans, two keys, a heart and a book. All of this is overseen by the majestic backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the national symbol of Hope in Tanzania. The keys are the keys of life, The book represents education and the heart, well the heart is love within the community.

And the knights? Today, I thought you should meet one of the knights, one whose final paragraph in her biography humbles me beyond words. Read it twice, it deserves it.

Oliver Canada –  Co-Founder

Secretary and Director of Home Visits

 My name is Oliver Canada and I am a social worker and co-founder of Good Hope.

2013-10-24 12.14.09

I have been working in partnership with various medical centers in the community.  Through Good Hope I get to hear the cries of people in need such as orphans, children, those who are HIV positive, and sick people, etc.  And I am not happy with this because they are really great people.  Their situations reflect mine; I was born into a polygamous African family with many children.  This made it very difficult for us to get good love, support, care and education from our parents.  But as I grew up I came to realize that there are increasing social problems connected to the HIV/AIDS infections, especially for HIV positive children and widows/widowers.  HIV/AIDS has an adverse socio-economic impact, making it difficult for people to support their families, thereby increasing poverty.

 To fight these problems we need strong people who are really willing and determined to take them on.  I decided to turn myself into a strong woman to free myself from my past and to serve others in the hope that they won’t follow in my path.  And in my presence at Good Hope I will bring hope, support, and care to my community.

Is that not the sentiment of a real dragon slayer?

I bid you all farewell for another week. For those amongst you joining me in the month-long mayhem and madness that is the Nano nano.pngI wish you well, keep going, keep writing and most of all, keep believing, Life is a fairy tale.

With love and thanks for reading this far. Xxxx


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