Today I must ask for help where from wherever it is possible. Today I ask for personal sponsorship of my time in Tanzania, the organisation and its team.  Help me help Good Hope, any help, anyone is able to give will be appreciated beyond words, no level of help is too small.

Living in a world of fairy tales depicts a soft edge to a harsh and brutal social structure. The imagery of the Poverty Dragon fictionalises the reality of the real truth of hungry stomachs and malnourished kids walking to school without any food in their belly, many without even a hot sweet mug of chai before they leave.

But I choose to believe in the fairy tale, because I choose to believe that good overcomes bad, it may take the knights many battles, they may have to travel far to find the magic talisman but they are always victorious in the end. There are always losses during the struggles against the evil forces, many good and true fall along the way but the overriding theme is a happy ending. But the dragons are ever-present, lurking, waiting for a moment of weakness to strike but they are subdued from their daily attacks. The dragons are my remaining fear.

We must strengthen the rickety structure that is Good Hope’s school, office and shop. We must secure its foundations by ensuring its rent, electricity, administration costs and the team that run it every day. That team consists of two of the three original mamas, a Tanzanian volunteer on “loan” from a nearby NGO with whom we have close ties. It amazes me that these local people, each of whom has their personal poverty dragons riding their backs, can find the strength of heart and depth of caring to give of their time freely and completely. They are truly the knights of today.

I want to remain for another year and in that time I want to continue helping and empowering the team, including the kids themselves where appropriate, to keep good records, maintain good communications and be able to grow their dream. I want to help them learn to protect themselves against the storms of life. As a team, with our volunteer fairies back in the land of Afar, we will build the fundraising efforts across the globe and secure a more regular stream of income for the kids and the community’s basic needs but we will need time to do this. I want to fend off the dragons for a year by creating some financial security for the structure that is Good Hope.

I need to ask for your help to do this.  My own situation is tenuous, I came for seven months and am trying to stay for a total of two years, my personal funds will not withstand this. I am the backroom person looking after the boring stuff. Securing electricity is not as attractive as watching a fine young woman or man start their journey into education. It offers no joyous photos or report cards detailing success but it keeps the structure afloat. The current fundraising within Good Hope is excellent and effective and handles sponsorship of the individual children I do not want to push that resource in a different direction, sponsorship is critical.

I ask for personal sponsorship of the organisation and its team.  No donation is too small and all will go to helping me do what I passionately want to do, stay to help the kids of Good Hope. Help me help Good Hope




9 thoughts on “Help me help Good Hope

  1. I pray that you find the sponsorship you need. I will share this post on my Pages and On twitter. Please let me know if I can help in any-other way.


  2. Hi Gill

    Sorry no contact before trouble as usual. Hope everything is well with you. We will be thinking of you over the Christmas and New Year

    A very merry Christmas to you and a happy and healthy New Year..

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    All our love Pat and Tony xxxxx


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