Happy sad.

So many times of late, I find myself defining my mood and circumstance as “happy sad”,  I figure it must be eligible for the mighty Oxford English Dictionary as a recognised mood state. Bitter sweet, we all accept that one. I feel the same way about happy sad.

What prompts this melancholy tone on a fine sunny Sunday morning I hear you ask?

I think maybe little Agness can best explain. She listened in on my class during her break time and overheard me explain to the kids of Class A that I will be in Tanzania for Christmas day and that I was very happy but I have none of my family here. We were talking about their Christmas traditions and a typical Tanzanian Christmas day, which I might add is just like any other day but with added stress and demands for some of the kids.


Later that day as school closed Agness thrust a piece of paper in my hand saying quietly “for you Teacher Gilli” and left at a pace which would have seen her win a hundred metre dash. Surprised, confused and full of curiosity (I do not teach this girl and only interact with her amongst the others during breaks Etc) I opened the page which I have copied in all it’s beautiful glory and English mistakes, to share with you.

Dear teacher gilli

Mery christmas! As it become Christmas I miss more my family in Somalia. We must spend christmas with our loved ones. Although we cannot spend time together because we live far away from each other I belive We ar one as we pray and remember each other in earth, christmas day when jesus came to this earth. I hope we feel as if we were spending christmas together by giving love to jesus and rejoicing.

I love you

Good by


And so my friends Agnesi understands my happy sad state of mind. Do you?

I want to stay here and finish what I have started, I need to help cover the boring stuff, the rent, the electricity, the books, the pens but mostly I need to ask for donations to cover my own rent or else I have to seek work here or return to Europe, either way it will mean leaving Agnesi and the Good Hope kids behind with a job half done.

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No help is too small Donate here.



5 thoughts on “Happy Sad

  1. Reblogged this on adelesymonds and commented:
    Another awesome post by Gill about her volunteer work in Tanzania, donations are needed to keep this work going though. The school needs books and pens and money to help pay the utility bills and the rent for gills house. If you can help in any way, even if it is just £1, every penny counts and adds up with other donations. Go to her blog direct at gillswriting.wordpress.com/2014/12/07/happy-sad/ if her real life inspired stories have touched you at any time and you able to help. There is a donate button on there.


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