I came to Tanzania in September 2013 for a seven month volunteer placement and I am still here!

I came to discover myself in my own right as a single person (I will never use the “W” word, I cannot accept that status in life. I lost my husband to illness that does not mean I should have to carry a public label of W***W.) Thanks to the children and wonderful people of Tanzania I have achieved that goal and am reaching a level of peace within my life that allows a place for my grief alongside the most beautiful memories and dreams for the future that any person could ask for.

In May 2014 I started to work with the Mamas and kids of the Good Hope Support Organisation, this small, fragile structure of an NGO has achieved amazing results in the past, the burden of which was weighing heavy upon their already loaded shoulders. Having 18 sorry 19 (I discovered one more this week) children sponsored in school education requires a lot of maintenance. Sponsors need to see photos, exam results, reports Etc, they need to feel it is worthwhile to continue with years two to four sponsorship. On top of this Good Hope offers free education within its two classrooms each day, each class being taught by volunteers with a total of 25 to 30 students attending regularly. These kids and their families are expecting / hoping for the same opportunity of sponsorship.

Learning about Christmas around the world

The volunteers need to be sourced, introduced to the NGO structure and kids and helped in their efforts to teach. The new kids need to be graded and assessed for future career paths and the opportunities for training and education to achieve those goals need to be sourced.

photo 3
Volunteers Jen and Daphne

I face 2015 knowing that I have helped secure the financial commitment for the next years education costs for  all but a few of the current 18 students. Thanks to the wonderful support and network of friends of current and past volunteers we have sponsorship for a further 12  sorry now 14 (the generosity keeps on coming) students to start in an education programme in January 2015. Now we need to source and buy the many provisions needed for that education. Schools and colleges provide little. EG: every student has to take a ream of paper for the school admin office. They must have text books, exercise books, pens, pencils, math sets, uniforms … the list goes on.

First year secondary school sponsored students

Therefore in 2015 there will be 33 students for the organisation to maintain plus the daily classes being taught by volunteers. Administration of the NGO is a big job and one I wanted to see organised and in place before I said goodbye to these wonderful people.

Meet the Wonderful People

I am fighting tooth and nail to remain here until the end of the summer next year and in that time my dream is to ensure there is a clear set of instructions and guidelines for other volunteers to follow to ensure the 30 plus students sponsorship fees are secured for 2016 and new students moved on to education programmes. I will have the help of one of the students as an intern for a year and it is my intention she learn the admin role of sponsor communications and mentor her own replacement for when she leaves for college education in 2016.

Administration Intern 2015
Administration Intern 2015
From student to  New Teacher 2015
From student to
New Teacher 2015






My attempts to raise funds via the GoFundMe campaign have been for these reasons as provided above. I wanted to secure my personal financial ability to remain here, I wanted to secure stipends for two of the local Mamas/staff that struggle to keep the place going every day. I wanted to secure the rent and running costs of the physical building that houses all of this. I have not achieved my dream but I am still fighting to remain here and will not give up.

Our Classroom
Our Classroom

My wonderful friends and followers I felt I needed to explain my promotion of the GoFundMe campaign within this blog and this is the last time I will do so. I thank you for your patience and support and I promise you normal service will now resume.


I and the kids of Good Hope would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and give you one last chance to help me finish what I have started.  HELP ME HELP THEM here.


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