Volunteers needed. Love of fun a must!


Volunteering is an awesome experience and the personal development rewards are life changing. Good Hope is driven by volunteers and we want to source more of you.

We need to spread the word and sow the seed of the idea in people’s minds. Please pass this link onto anyone that you know that may be interested. Or anyone that may know someone that could be interested. Gap year travel for the young and the not so young! Professionals seeking to enhance their CV with the valuable badge of honour volunteer work awards. Students, retired people,  teachers, office workers, anyone with a big heart and an interest in making a difference in individual kid’s lives.


Tanzania is a peaceful, stable and beautiful country, anyone with a love of travel should visit here at least once in their lives. Mount Kilimanjaro is indescribable in her majesty and can be climbed by anyone with the will to do so. The National Parks offer amazing safari trips and there are hot springs, waterfalls, cultural tours, coffee tours, yoga and meditation days, great hikes and most importantly welcoming lovely people.

If ever there was a time to share, re-blog, like, comment, tweet or just plain talk about a post, that time is NOW.

This is a call to action, my wonderful friends and followers.


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