I have a wonderful bunch of flowers on my sideboard.

They are lilac and white in colour and very delicate. They are the sort of blooms that would never withstand the searing hot weather that is greeting me as I wake and singing me a lullaby as I fall asleep. Yet they bloom and flourish proudly. They cover the smell of the cigarettes I still dream I smoke, after nigh on twenty-eight years of abstinence.

OK, OK so I don’t have a sideboard either but I do still dream about having a cigarette1. However, I do have a lovely bunch of flowers on my virtual sideboard and in my Writers World, if you recall, I have a bright red XK8 which flies and this is where I cried the first time I killed a man. Therefore, having a sideboard with a bunch of delicate lilac flowers is not such a far stretch of our imagination. Put the phone down will you, he was a character in my book, he didn’t deserve to die and my readers will hate me for his death I’m sure, hence my tears but he had to go.

Here, I’ll show you my flowers and the sideboard I’ve just added to the relaxation area in the Writers World:

Sideboard                   pink-bouquet

Versatile Blogger Award
Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award. I am honoured and in truth tickled pink. Versatile Blogger, say it out loud, go on … It fair rolls off the tongue don’t it? Well I am, tickled pink, (I repeat myself because apparently this award is going to a fifty something year old Granny, one who is currently reading Cinderella very slowly, and that what us ancients do, repeat themselves) and I’m chuffed. I’m also tickled pink about reading Cinderella because it is in Kiswahili.

Versatile? I scan the posts of the past years and giggle to myself. Yeah I suppose that’s one way of describing this pot pouri of tales, yarns, pleas, anger, frustration and memory. Versatile! Mish mash is what I call it but versatile has a much preferred tone to it! Commitment and diverse talents are the guiding principles for the award, she states as she positively puffs up in pride.

The tough part is accepting where the award came from. Smorgasboard -Variety is the Spice of Life.  Oh my goodness come on, let’s get real here. Even the blog name oozes versatility. No mish mash within those sacred halls I can tell you ‘cos I follow and enjoy the many varied posts. Sally G Cronin took time out of her busy day to send me a bouquet of flowers and an award nomination. Me the soppy old bat who once attended a business meeting in Brussels and thought she was in Holland. Ouch that one hurt but it’s true all the same and they are meant to be random facts.

How do I curtsey virtually, any ideas? Now a truly versatile blogger would whip up Curtsyone of those amazing emoticon thingies to demonstrate the art of curtseying but me, no can do I’m afraid.  I was taught to cutsy once when I was at an exhibition in Scotland and due to meet Princess Anne. I did meet her and she spoke to me but I forgot to curtsy! Anyway I would remind you this is the mish mash end of versatile.  Seriously though I do not consider my blog to be a serious blog as in the world of professional bloggers EG Variety is the spice of life. I just babble away and use the excuse that it’s my blog and I’ll …. OK OK you get that bit now, anyway putting aside all the Mrs Brown’s Boys influenced humour I am truly amazed when people like Sally take the time to read my scribbles and so this, well it really does mean something to me and so I say thank you Sally, for the nomination the beautiful addition to the Writers World with both the sideboard and the flowers and finally for making me read my out of date ABOUT page!

I am expected to nominate others, me the mish mash, the person who buys tins of sardine for CAT, a pet she claims not to like and refuses to name! So my apologies to the following wonderful, far more professional bloggers than me listed below. I know getting a nomination should come from above but hey ho! Can you hear the laughter? That’s me I laugh when I’m nervous, maybe I try to write humour when I’m nervous too. I know many of you won’t have time or space to accept the award but please join me in the Writers World for an evening of light humour, entertainment, versatile conversation and good wine all presided under the spotlight of your own bouquet of flowers. RSVP via comments please. Hey we could make it an event and each bring a celebrity guest, what do you think? I’ll do the virtual booze and food.

Oh and I’m supposed to reveal seven things about me. Well these are tucked away throughout this post and for you to find and tick off like a spot the difference contest. First one to correctly list the seven gets a virtual hug and an invitation to spend a day in the Writers World. Again answers via comments please. I’ve marked the first1 one to give you the idea!

There are a few rules that are attached to the acceptance of this award and they are as follows:-

– Show the award on your blog
– Thank the person who nominated you
– Share seven facts about yourself
– Nominate ten blogs
– Link your nominees’ blogs, and let them know

My nominations as below:

  1. Violets Veg’n e-comics –  if you need a definition of versatile go visit here, a comic strip blog how versatile is that? I just LOVE the story lines and long to share them with the kids of Good Hope. One day maybe we will have things likes computers and internet access but we need to start with breakfast for the kids and desks before such trimmings!
  2. Jennie Orbell – the most wonderful, humorous tales of every day life in amongst the chucks and cats a truly sincere nomination and an offer of quintessential English life (as it is meant to be). Prepare to chuckle hard before you enter this site.
  3. My life as an Artist – amazing brush stroke artistry, I made that up but it sums up the pictures here for me all linked by a beautiful humming bird theme truly awesome and in my humble opinion totally deserving of an award or six.
  4. Jet Eliot – photography, information and tales of travels all just beautifully packaged and awe inspiring to someone like me who has to check which way up to point a camera and has a personal library of feet and headless people!
  5. Tales of Madame Gilflurt – the historical tales told here are factual but written in a light breezy readable way and sooooooo interesting. I confess I pop in and out of here when I need a remedy for a mood funk. I always get lost in the story and emerge happier. Commitment and diverse talents are a requirement for this award and both are displayed with elegance and poise here.
  6. Jo Robinson because without her undying support I would not be here doing this and her blog is a true potpourri with wonderful tales of life in South Africa tucked in between posts that define diversity and versatility.
  7. Idealistic Rebel because I do have a serious side and this awesome blog is where I can read and vent my frustrations at life’s inequalities and unfairness. Dip in here and read at least three different posts at random and you will truly understand what a versatile Blogger is.

10 thoughts on “Flowers on the Sideboard

  1. This post made me laugh several times, dear Gill; thanks for getting me started on a happy day. Thank you also so much for the Versatile Blogger award nomination, I am honored. I hope you keep on writing, I enjoy it very much. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha ha ha 😀 I love your funny rambles. Congratulations on your well deserved nomination Gill and thank you so much for nominating us – we are truly honoured 🙂 I have just clicked ‘follow’, with much surprise as I thought I already was following you, so now I won’t miss anything. Best wishes, Violet xxx ps check your email 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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